Kalup & Franco - Turn It Up

For all his many (many many) projects, somehow it took James Franco until 2011 to realize he hadn’t done anything that could take over music headlines for a bit, so here is the inevitable end to all of that. Coming soon is a new limited edition 7″ from the dance project titled Kalup & Franco (Facebook profile link!), a collaboration between James and the drag/video artist Kalup Linzy, whom he met during his recent acting stint on General Hospital. Their debut release is out 7/12 via Dutty Artz, a label co-founded by DJ /rupture (he also produces for the duo). EP Song titles: “Rising (Both Sides Now)” and “Turn It Up (So We Can Turn It Out).” Kalup & Franco have a third song called “Fly Away,” and all three of these songs will get videos. You’ll be able to see them here or over at Videogum.com — I haven’t talked to Gabe about his thoughts on all of this just yet, but for reference, his position on Franco’s previous extracurricular output is this.

(via P4K)

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  1. Someone got a copy of fruity loops for xmas!

  2. Well if there’s anything we’ve learned about James Franco, it’s that he’s cut from a different mold. When you watch his interviews, he’s definitely eccentric and follows a path of learning and experience different from most. We can only wonder what this is all about!

  3. Jesus, you are SO beleaguered by James Franco’s existence.

    Can’t you just roll your eyes privately and post about something you enjoy?

    [I haven't heard this music and probably won't, ever]

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