Kathleen Hanna Talks Odd Future

Kathleen Hanna’s in the midst of Renaissance sparked by NYU’s Fales Library purchasing her archive/papers, Sara Marcus’s Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution documenting the olden days, and the Le Tigre tour DVD Who Took the Bomp? documenting the slightly more recent days, and etc. The DVD’s why Spinner sat down with the Bikini Kill/Julie Ruin/Le Tigre icon for a Q&A. Hanna spoke about the past, the present, and the Odd Future along with Sara Quin’s criticism of your hipster neighbor’s favorite rappers. Here’s the bit on Tyler, The Creator & Co.:

SPINNER: Have you been paying attention to the controversy with Odd Future and their homophobic, misogynistic lyrics?

KATHLEEN HANNA: No, not really. They don’t seem that interesting to me.

SPINNER: Sara Quin just spoke out against them and it created a bit of a media storm.

KH: I feel like, if you don’t want to listen to them, don’t listen to them. If you do want to listen to them, do listen to them. I couldn’t really comment about on exactly what their lyrics are about, because I haven’t gotten that deep into it. But if people are writing lyrics that piss you off, hurt your feelings and make you feel like shit, don’t listen to it. I don’t think the best idea is to have a boycott. Just don’t talk about them and they’ll go away. The more you talk about them, the more attention they get. Tegan and Sara fans probably wouldn’t even know this band existed if they weren’t talking about them. I find the whole conversation kind of boring. There are so many great artists that are doing interesting things, that I don’t want to focus on boring people.

Read the complete interview at Spinner. And, in the name of peace, unity, getting along, you may want to soundtrack it with this Tyler, The Creator x Tegan & Sara mashup:

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  2. except she still can’t resist taking a shot at OF by calling them ‘boring.’ practice what you preach!

  3. Finally someone with some sense.

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  5. that’s a good picture of her.

  6. I stumbled across Tyler, The Creator’s Tumblr page the other day…his headline is Faggot. I can’t believe these children are my age mates. They’re so ignorant. It seems like every other day they’re fighting on Twitter or beefing with other celebrities, and their fans cheer them on. I don’t see them ever making it very far in the music industry. They should star underground where they belong.

  7. If publicity is what everyone’s after here, maybe someone should ask Courtney Love–or Francis Bean, since she’s Odd Future’s age–what they think of Odd Future.

  8. I love her take on this! :) Who cares about some boring little zit-faced brat trying to be edgy? Ooooooooooo he’s talking about rape! I’m so enthralled. Her husband? Now there’s a great rapper.

  9. i agree with her view as well…but find it ironic she’s saying not to talk about it, and the title of the post is “Kathleen Hanna Talks Odd Future” when she probably had no intention of it really, she was probably just answering a leading question….oh media…you distort so much…

  10. They are kind of boring. It’s just been novelty so far.

  11. OddFuture is a bunch of hipster BS. All flash, no substance.

  12. I like what she stated, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. simple as that. no point in complaining about it online.

  13. So is she the one responsible for the ugly old lady glasses pandemic?

  14. what she said is true. if you dont like it. dont listen to it. and anybody who brings up issues of mysogny isnt really engaging with their music on any other level apart from some one sitting them down pressing play after saying “listen to this homophobe!” if you do a smidgen of research you will find tyler to be one of the more progressive rappers in terms of that issue.

    and no, they are not a fad. you idiots.

    and yes. bow, that ugly old lady glass shit is wack. later skater

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