The platitude-filled “Jejune Stars,” from Bright Eyes’ latest album The People’s Key, gets a video full of fireworks and sparklers. Conor Oberst’s band plays in front of the light show, in silhouette. It seems to fit the song’s title: it’s beautiful, but kinda empty. The video was directed by Lance Acord, who was the cinematographer for Where the Wild Things Are, Lost In Translation, Buffalo ’66, and many other films. (It’s too bad he didn’t use a sunrise in this video, because he’s great a filming natural light.) Watch:

(via MTV Hive)

The People’s Key is out now via Saddle Creek.

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  1. I’m in the UK. This video isn’t available to anyone outside the US. I thought music was free.

  2. Wait, does Conor Oberst have a rat tail? What is that thing?

  3. this song sucks and so does the video. there. coberst is rapidly making me forget everything i used to love about his music.

  4. Sounds like Matt Pond PA. I enjoy the song, but it doesn’t really sound like an evolution for Bright Eyes.

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