New Pela Video – “Lost To The Lonesome”

Pela’s the sort of band that makes raving fanatics out of their concert audiences, converting crowds with hearty, room-expanding arena rock. And the vid for Veronica Mars’s fave Pela tune “Lost To The Lonesome” sees producers Katie MacKenzie and Matt Piancentini of Vitamin M playing on that, getting Billy and the rest of the guys up as traveling salesmen/preacher types, traversing that old timey www (the wild wild west), peddling their personal brand of elixir, converting the masses. Or, really, slaying the masses. Cool video, but never again will we eat their paella.

“Lost To The Lonesome” comes from the band’s Anytown Graffiti, available via Great Society. The band’s holed up in an LA studio working on the next LP — check the progress through posts to their studio blog and snippets at their YouTube page.

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