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If you’re never quite sure what you need more out of an airport terminal, free WiFi or free concerts by Swedish electro-pop stars, JetBlue is probably a good choice for you. For NYC concert-goers, T5 used to refer exclusively to the midtown Bowery Presents venue Terminal; now it also means JFK’s Terminal 5, where JetBlue hosts shows for their travelers and for contest winners. If you’re flying already on June 20th, disregard the rest of this post. For the rest, here’s how to go see Robyn perform in an airport.

We’re giving 10 of you the chance to win passes for yourself and a guest to watch Robyn perform JetBlue’s T5 at JFK on Monday 6/20 at 6:30PM. Getting to the airport’s a pain, so we’re hooking up free ground transport from central Manhattan, too. To enter, simply LOG IN and post a comment calling out your favorite Robyn song. We’ll notify you by 5PM on Wednesday 6/15 if you’re the winner. Repeat: You must LOG IN so we have your email address to contact you. If you don’t log in, we can’t contact you, and you aren’t entered. That would be a shame.

Some rules: All contest winners must provide their government issued ID to gain access to the airport. The information provided must correspond with the ID. All contest winners will be screened through the TSA security check point, so please leave at home your flasks that are greater than 3oz. in size and also don’t be a terrorist. Good luck!

Comments (311)
  1. Gotta be “Include Me Out”

  2. I’d love to go!


  4. “Hang With Me” over here.

  5. Stars 4-Ever <3

  6. “HANDLE ME” is def one of my fav Robyn jams… but then again, there are SO MANY!

  7. “None of Dem” gives me some chills! LOVE IT!

  8. “U Should Know Better.” Snoop’s best performance in years.

  9. I’d love to go! And it would have to be “Stars 4-Ever”!

  10. “Get Myself Together”!!!

  11. “call your girlfriend”

  12. “Call your Girlfriend” is the JAM! Plus the video of Robyn dancing on her own in the warehouse is too good. She’s got moves for days!

  13. Hate picking the obvious but: “Dancing On My Own”

  14. “Dancing on My Own”

  15. yep. “call your girlfriend” has got to be it.

  16. I love None of Dem!

  17. A nearly impossible question, but I’ll say ‘Fembot’!

  18. “call your girlfriend” has been my jam lately.


  20. Stars 4 Ever! Among the many!

  21. Jack U Off… Because Robyn doing Prince is even better than me seeing Robyn in an airport.

  22. Call your Girlfriend!!!!!

  23. At the moment, my favorite is “Get myself together” but honestly I love them all!

  24. Dancing On My Own

  25. Konichiwa bitches!

  26. Sorry Josh Morrissey. But the answer is “Hang with me!”

  27. Dancing On My Own

  28. Don’t fucking tell me what to do is my favorite!

  29. dancehall queen

  30. With Every Heartbeat!!!

  31. “With Every Heartbeat”!!!

  32. “You’ve Got That Somethin’ (radio edit)” because it was the first record that gave birth and jumpstarted the career of an amazing artist, Robyn.


  33. indestructable. amazing.

  34. With Every Heartbeat !

  35. CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND, tell her that i gave you something that you never even knew you missed! TICKETS TO ROBYN AT TERMINAL 5!

  36. Hang With Me

  37. Dancehall Queen!

  38. Hang With Me! Robyn is my favorite 4 evar

  39. i’ve got some news for you
    FEMBOTs have feelings too

  40. dancing on my own

  41. If I don’t win these tickets, it’s going to hurt… “With Every Heartbeat”

  42. fave is “hang with me”

  43. Love “Call Your Girlfriend” !!!


  45. totally a tie between “show me love” and “call your girlfriend”…so talented

  46. Don’t fucking tell me what to do!

  47. Hang With Me!

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