Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

When first writing about BTW Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the glammed-up, psychedelic, punked-out project of Oregon (via New Zealand) resident Ruban Nielson, I mentioned the Kinks, Sly Stone, and Syd Barrett, noting the self-titled debut sounds like “funkier Ween tackling Elephant 6, blending New Age ’70s recording techniques with that recent lava lamp/black-lit bedroom aesthetic (see Ariel Pink)” and that the resultant music’s “playful, but accomplished; familiar, but ambitiously charting its own collaged course.” “Collaged” is the most important word there: See how everything bleeds and links via a full album stream at Soundcloud.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is out 6/21 via Fat Possum.

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  1. This album is fantastic. Pre-ordered the vinyl and it came early.

  2. The Soundcloud link doesn’t work :(

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