Penn Badgley & Jeff Buckley

According to (AKA your homepage), Penn Badgley — the guy who plays Brooklynite Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl — has been cast in that Jeff Buckley biopic we first reported on five years ago. For the role he apparently beat out James Franco and Robert Pattinson, who is “devastated.” (Thanks for the tip Kelly!)

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  1. Hope this kid can act…and not look 12.

  2. “He listens to old school Elvis Costello. He reads Dave Eggers. He listens to obscure podcasts. He’s deep, man.” –Penn Badgley’s character in John Tucker Must Die on Penn Badgley’s qualifications

  3. Met him at Coachella and he was curious about indie rock (“Is Grizzly Bear ‘independent rock?’”). So I think he’ll be ok if he does his research.

  4. OK honestly, that kid’s hair is all he has going for him. If he grows his hair out for the part, he’s just gonna look like a goon instead of like Jeff Buckley.

    Really… what a goon.

  5. I still think that they should have found someone who can sing like Buckley and teach them to act instead of the other way around.

    • this guy would’ve been PERFECT.

      but no, we’re getting the gossip girl guy instead. who beat out the twilight guy. expect to see droves of 16-year-old girls buying buckley’s music after this comes out. next stop: glee. ugh… i think i just barfed in my mouth a bit.

      motherfucker better be able to act the part.

  6. Having friends working in the production of the film, I can say that Penn Badgley has not been cast in the role as Jeff …

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