Matt and Kim once again tackle New York City in their video for “Block After Block.” They set up flash performances in Chinatown, in a subway car, a bodega, and in Rockefeller Plaza, complete with traveling mosh pit and human keyboard stands. The flash performances don’t always work — the employees at Home Depot look especially annoyed — but it’s fun to watch them elude the cops in yet another video. This video was directed by Jonathan Del Gatto, who also directed “Cameras.” Watch:

Sidewalks is out now via Fader.

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  1. Matt & Kim songs sound like theme songs to crap Nickelodeon shows

  2. Lots of fun…I was @ the Brooklyn Bridge shoot ( Flickr set – )

  3. In all seriousness, dropping down in the middle of that highway intersection was a huge dick move. People have places to be….

    Otherwise, fun video.

  4. i love matt & kim but effortlessly harvey’s comment cracked me up

  5. Vaya puta mierda de banda. Sounds like Blink 182 gone friendly disco. The video had to be played on the happy/perfect world of MTV.

  6. Mark & Tom (from Blink 182)

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