Arcade Fire visited Chicago public radio station WBEZ to play some new arrangements of The Suburbs standouts “Sprawl II” and “We Used To Wait.” The resulting versions are pleasingly warm. Check out Sound Opinions’ video of their live in-the-studio performances:

“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

“We Used To Wait”

The Suburbs is out now via Merge.

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  1. Incredibly good

  2. Where can I get mp3s of these? I love it!

  3. Oh shit. This is absolutely amazing.

  4. “Sprawl II” doesn’t sound much different to me… just acoustic. I still love it.

  5. “They heard me singing and they told me to stop
    Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock”

    gets me every time, especially on a recording of this quality. what a statement on contemporary society and it’s relationship with the arts. spot on.

  6. incredibly beautiful ! just wonderfull. regine’s voice ! my goodness

  7. We Used to Wait is striking without the signature piano – can’t decide if i actually like it………… or how much. I adore the original.

  8. I love live in the studio videos, and this is a particularly good one. It’s fun to see the mic choices, like SM7 on some of the background vocals, or the single 81 between the two violinists. But obviously it’s also fun to see terrific musicians making terrific music.

  9. Can’t help but think Régine Chassagne could have used some reverb or a different mic.
    (Was she straining a little?)
    Do like this version of “We Used to Wait” though.

  10. Awesome. What a talented group of musicians.
    @Alex Cho, I agree about the struggling vocals. I wasn’t overly impressed by her voice there. But, that song is just so damn amazing I think I can put it aside, haha.
    Love We Used to Wait, though I do sort of miss the piano intro…
    Overall, good stuff.

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