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As suggested in this morning’s Iceage photo gallery, the Danish teen BTW’s debut New Brigade has been kicking around for a minute (x 2): It came out overseas in October via Escho/Tambourhinoceros then surfaced in the States on limited-edition vinyl courtesy of the forward thinkers at Dais. That said, after write-ups in the NYTimes, The New Yorker, and just about every web-based music publication on earth, the hype machine’s well-oiled on the eve of the collection’s larger Stateside release (6/21 via What’s Your Rupture?), a post-Northside tour with Fucked Up, etc. If you haven’t taken a listen to New Brigade, it’s streaming in its 20-something-minute entirety at Spinner. So, are Iceage the saviors of punk rock?

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  2. David Comes to Life is better…

  3. Best album of the year so far.

  4. I like the album, it’s really fun. I don’t think it’s any kind of ‘next big thing’, to me it just sounds like some kids having a solid jam. One of my favourites of the year so far, but not far-and-away better than all the other stuff I’ve been loving.

    I’d love to see them live, but I live in Australia so I’m not holding my breath.

  5. I like it, it’s a fun album. I don’t think they’re any kind of ‘next big thing’, to me it just sounds like some kids having a solid jam. One of my favourite albums so far this year, but not far-and-away better than the other stuff I’ve been loving.

    I’d love to see them live, but I live in Australia so I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Hmm, New Brigade is indeed a great record but have you cracked an issue of MaximumRocknRoll lately? Punk Rock doesn’t seem to be in need of any saviors.

  7. I think they’ll live on, go on, for a long while, and continue to evolve and morph post punk by bits and pieces. That being said, this music is for a specific audience, and, I think, will be remembered by a specific audience (though it may be a large specific one).

    I must say, when I got the Dais version in the mail I was truly blown away–floored–partially because it came out on Dais (maybe I was expecting something dirtier and more industrial?), partially because the singer’s voice really fuckin shook me up! The more these dudes tour the bigger they’ll get–though I can’t help but think that they would be at their best in a smaller space without an elevated stage, unless they really get more active/violent when on an elevated one.

  8. i am disappointed in how silly a question this seems about an album like this: “are iceage the saviors of punk?” don’t treat “the hype-machine” as an entity separate from this vapid writing. the album is exciting to me because it is has a familiar uniqueness, like many excellent punk rock albums that are coming out each day. listening to it does not make me wonder how the new yorker will review them but makes me happy to see some learn from ‘heroin man’, even 15 years out.

    why dredge these poor hard rocking boys through the bloggy mud? the album is very good. so much so that a person could benefit from a few listens with the windows down, without this asinine tigerbeating. i mean this for the poor blog writer: wouldn’t you rather enjoy a decent album without this lousy pandering?

    i realize i i’m not taking down stereogum on a comment board. i realize this anger could be misplaced, but after reading this blog for years, i finally want to express my disgust in the potential for real criticism you shirk. Argue that is is about the listener opinion but see what of substance is really said and heard.

    if i’ve been unclear, i think this album is enough above the muck that i am upset you didn’t give it the real critical evaluation it deserved and that a punk rock fan would have loved to read. i mean this for whoever wrote this: please don’t treat these bold artists as able detritus for your next 100 word post.



    p.s. comment party!

    • also man, if this bums you out, i’m sure you’re a good person who is just wagging his tail for a dollar, like me or anybody. i just wanted to remind that it isn’t harmless.

      • I’ve written a dozen pieces on Iceage (here and elsewhere), starting from before the “hype” began, most receiving very little comments from the readers, so this was that spot. Yeah, it’s short. And doesn’t say much beyond offering release background. The other posts are more in-depth: Dig through the archives or do a Google search. (BTW, the “saviors of punk” thing was a tongue-in-cheek self-reflexive joke. I mean, c’mon, dude.)

        • p.s. Things like this don’t bum me out. I like having discussions (and arguments). When I first got into punk/hardcore as a teenager, that’s what it was largely about. Or what attracted me to it. We agree there. But, you know, I’ve never wagged my tail for a dollar.

          • I was drunk when I wrote this and much of what i wrote is strangely mean and personal. i didn’t even think to notice that you had written this, because even after four or five years of reading this website, i read everything as written by stereogum, which i imagine as a corporation and not people. always a mistake. i realized i enjoy your writing and have elsewhere and that your posts are often the ones about which i care. i looked at your year-to–date favorites and our taste in music overlaps.

            I am sorry for being such an asshole. Again, the alcohol. There is a root to the anger that if you enjoy discussion and argument I would be cowardly to not explain. But try as I might, I can’t put it into words. I should say that this probably not the website for me, because I get very tired of what seems like a close hemming to what is trendy. There is a line where something like posting about an act’s song being used in a commercial is to me no longer music journalism. For a moment I mistook the intent of this article as something like that.

            I am not satisfied with the conversation about music on the internet and it makes me bummed, because i haven’t seen a model that balances journalism, criticism and community, and while this website strives to do that, with respect, it doesn’t. i guess if something doesn’t work than i should be working towards a solution, but i am growing tired and becoming more and more luddite about music discussion online daily.

    • The headline reads “Iceage Comment Partly,” not “Iceage And The Real Critical Evaluation It Deserves And THat a Punk Rock Fan Would Have Loved To Read.” It’s not supposed to be about the snippet at the top, It’s supposed to be about the comments. Hence the name.

  9. I’m going to say perhaps. I think I’ll wait until their next album to make a decision

  10. I’m still surprised by the amount of hype/praise this has gotten. Not that it’s not good, it IS, and I quite like it, but it doesn’t seem like the type of thing large masses of people usually go for. More power to ‘em though, nice to see something I actually like getting some credit.

  11. Excellent album through and through. Has been out since january in Denmark, so I’ve listened intensely. None of the tracks seem redundant, really.

  12. to see them live will be the better test…which i am in July in LA.

  13. yeah all i know is when they played their first riff on stage at public assembly, i witnessed myself and the rest of an entire packed room of 20s to 40s aged informed intellectual music elites transform into a writhing sweaty circle pit of ecstatic inner-children…

    these kids snapped a room full of shoe-gazing phone-checking new yorkers OUT of their non-dancing/un-impressed demeanors for a half of an hour and reminded them of what a show used to be like… when people lost themselves and had a good fucking time.

    thats just what i experienced. A band captivating and energizing its crowd relentlessly for its entire performance. and it felt like i was seventeen again.

    • Sounds like they finally found a band as pretentious as themselves. Bands like these lead me to believe that stereogum/pitchfork writers have never played instruments(well) themselves. This is the kind of band that makes me resent the music scene.

  14. Iceage Comment Party: Believe The Hype? ie: Iceage Hype Party: Believe The Attempts Of Stereogum To Exaggerate The Miniscule Accomplishments Of Another Overblown Band?

  15. I don’t think punk needs to be saved, but these guys are fantastic. One of the best records of the year.

  16. Are they the saviors of punk rock because the music is good or because they’re teenagers with good bone structure and front cover looks?

  17. I really like it, but it doesn’t seem life changing to me. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ll definitely go back for more listens.

  18. I haven’t gotten a chance to hear this band in depth, so I can’t speak to their contribution, but:
    Fucked Up, Titus Andronicus, Los Campesinos!, and other like-minded bands have kept punk rock alive and well for the past 3 or 4 years (if ever there was a drought).

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