Stephen Colbert, Jack White & Black Belles - "Charlene II"

Jack White, who we last saw celebrating his divorce, invited Stephen Colbert to Nashville’s Third Man Records for a three part interview that began during last night’s show. You may remember Stephen gave Jon Stewart a hard time after the White Stripes played The Daily Show back in ’05. Stephen’s since come around because he wants to revive his musical career (surely you remember Stephen & The Colberts’ new wave hit “Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)“). Watch the Q&A below and consider whether “Seven National Army” would be, as Stephen suggests, a great way to sell yogurt.

Dr Pepper Presents StePhest Colbchella ’011: Rock You Like a Thirst-icane continues tomorrow with part two of A Rock Odyssey Featuring Jack White and a studio performance from Talib Kweli. Monday night’s guest was Bon Iver.

UPDATE: Here are all the other clips of Jack and Stephen from this week (via The Audio Perv)…

Part 2:

Part 3:

Live premiere of STEPHEN COLBERT with The Black Belles – “Charlene II (I’m Over You)”…

Stephen Colbert & The Black Belles

Purchase the 7″ at thirdmanrecords or IN PERSON IN NYC at the Third Man rolling record store parked in The Lot at The High Line (W. 30th St. and 10th Ave) 6/24 at 11AM…

Stephen Colbert 7" At High Line

It’s also available digitally at iTunes.

Bonus, Unaired Catholic Throwdown:

UPDATE 2: Check out photos and video of Jack & Stephen in NYC here.

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  1. Remember when Jack White was cute? His face looks like a plate of cold mash potatoes.

  2. Haven’t laughed this hard since the “Sell-Out Off” video with Vampire Weekend and the Black Keys… :) This video reminded me of it! After hearing that yogurt song, I would definitely consider buying some yogurt!

  3. Dude jack white is still cute, super into it. looks like a very pale, well-fed Johnny Depp.

  4. Actually, he’s not overweight and never has been. They showed him standing up several times on The Colbert Report tonight, and the guy is in shape, just as he’s always been. Rewatch the show if you need to. He just has a pale, round face (and if he were overweight he has the kind of face that would quickly develop a double-chin, so look closely at his profile too). Conan O’Brien’s face is similar, which is why his beard made such a difference. The beard made it possible to see that it actually has a shape and isn’t just some pale mass of flesh. Noel Gallagher is wrong about pretty much everything by the way, which is why he didn’t have the good sense to stop making albums after What’s the Story Morning Glory? I used to listen to Be Here Now if I was feeling depressed because it was always worse than anything in my life…or the world for that matter.

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