The princes of the teardrop waterfall return with another new song for internet streaming in advance of this Sunday’s digital EP. It’s called “Major Minus” and it’s streaming here:

(via P4K)

The Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall EP is out digitally Sunday 7/26 via iTunes. The set features this song, the “Teardrop,” and one more track called “Move To Mars.” The band will post that tomorrow morning. For more new Coldplay, sample the songs they did live in Germany.

UPDATE: Here’s another new one, “Moving To Mars.”

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  2. OOOOOF – this is so dissapointing….

  3. here’s the thing about coldplay: they are inherently a pop band, but they are a pop band willing to try new things and branch out into new styles. (like late 1980s/early 1990s U2) this might not be their greatest song ever, but i appreciate the fact that it even exists.

    • I agree.

      It’s not cool to like Coldplay anymore, but I’ve accepted that they’re just a pop band. They’re not doing anything groundbreaking or original, but I’m glad this is the kind of stuff that will get noticed by the general public who only cares what’s popular. I respect them for that. They could have just spent the rest of their career as just another James Blunt-esque pop band and i’m sure that would have made them happy.

      Also, this song is way better than that first song.

  4. Mostly underwhelmed with the new Coldplay stuff. And I really, actually love them.

  5. Weird you guys, I think this is best Coldplay song in years.

    • Agreed, this song is awesome.

    • I agree. Even Brian Eno didn’t manage to ruin this one.

    • I totally agree with you Scott. i was listening to the song while reading these comments and wow did i feel like an outsider. I really think this is a good song and ten times better than Every Teardrop. I think people are a little too caught up in “Coldplay is totally pop and therefore pathetic” mode.

      People must not forget that when Coldplay wants to they can create pretty great songs.

    • I completely agree. Infinitely superior to “Every Teardrop”. When compared to pop bands like The Script, Maroon 5, Train, etc., Coldplay are one of the most interesting out there. I’m not saying they’re the best band ever, but I really did like the early Radiohead sound of their first two records.

  6. This sounds like a crappy b-side from the Stones’ Bridges to Babylon album.

  7. ah, this ain’t so bad. MUCH better than the last one posted. whatever that was called.

  8. Everyone I know is saying this is a terrible song, but for some reason, some crazy, twisted, unknown reason…I like it.
    Teardrop really was pretty bad, but I think I’m going to check out their EP before I kick them out.
    And in address to a previous comment about there not being a hook…there sort of is. It’s not exactly noticeable, but I feel it.

    • I see what you did there.

      • Oh, right, the song. Actually, surprisingly good, best I’ve heard from them since ‘Rush…’. Pretty standard pop, sure, but undeniably catchy, and the acoustic guitar is great. Admittedly, I’m happy the lyrics remain relatively buried in the mix, cause I have a feeling they’re horrible.

  9. The most disappointing thing about this song is the fact that Brian Eno produced and has his name tagged to this. The producers job is to tell the band Yes and No. Do it better and ask questions. I respect Coldplay and you have to move in different directions to achieve some sort of artistic growth. But I just can’t see this going anywhere. Remember before X/Y came out, some of their new songs were just Echo and the Bunnymen rip offs? Ex: Listen to “Moses.” Maybe this is another decoy in lieu of better tunes. Who knows right?

  10. i am confused about the slight Eno-bashing going on. I’m sure Eno provides some ideas and guidance but it’s still Coldplay’s album/songs. He’s not gonna change the fabric of their music or anything. It’s ridiculous to blame him for you not liking Coldplay.

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