Heems aka Hitch

The prolific Twitter handle @heems sometimes doubles as a notification system for when the film Hitch is on TBS, which it turns out is very often. Now that love for discussing the Will Smith film and its special way of understanding the female species has inspired a full-length feature of Heems’s own, a very funny (and catchy, thanks to a whimsical beat from longtime DR producer Mike Finito) track called “WOMYN aka HITCH.” It is possibly a demo, though it sounds pretty and nice, just like women. TBS Very Funny:

Grab the MP3. “These chicks is womyn” is the “that girl is poison” for the Hitch generation.

Via Heems’s Nehru Jackets Tumblr along with the announcement of a collab mixtape with Finito tentatively titled Teen Found Slain.

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  1. That beat is sweet

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