Achtung Baby, Nevermind Get 20th Anniversary Deluxe Editions

It’s become apparent that the music of the ’90s will haunt us forever, in good and bad ways. For instance, this year both U2′s Achtung Baby and Nirvana’s Nevermind are celebrating their 20th Anniversaries. This should make many of you feel old. To help soothe your drying skin and failing memory, both are getting deluxe reissue treatments: Nevermind pops up in September (9/19 in the UK and 9/20 in North America) as a 4-CD/1-DVD “Super Deluxe Edition” via Universal: “The CDs will include previously unreleased recordings, rarities, b-sides, BBC radio appearances, alternative mixes, rare live recordings and an unreleased concert in its entirety on DVD.” You can keep watch for additional events and releases at As far as U2, they’re also going big with a reissue of Achtung as well as documentation of its related “Zoo TV Tour” and a reissue of the 1993 followup Zooropa. As Rolling Stone notes:

It’s likely there will be separate reissues of Achtung Baby and Zooropa, along with a deluxe box set that incorporates both albums as well as video and/or audio from Zoo TV [...] The band is also working on a U2 app for the iPad and other tablets that could be involved with the releases.

The group recently filmed a new performance of songs from the period in a Canadian theater, reportedly for use in a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim, who worked with the Edge on the guitar doc It Might Get Loud. The band has also discovered substantial unseen footage from the early Nineties. “We were filming everything,” says [U2's manager Paul] McGuinness. “There’s a lot of material that has never really been seen, and seeing it will be quite startling.”

Get more on U2′s activities at RS.

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  1. Really looking forward to the U2 reissues and seeing what bonus content will be on there. Hoping they will also make vinyl versions available.

  2. So, which one do you think is bad Brandon?

  3. Brandon, the sunglasses statement, while understandable these days, is highly superficial when you consider the calibre of U2 during the early 90′s. I’m a huge fan of both albums. But in the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that Achtung Baby was the best album of the nineties. Nevermind was great for what it represented, its place in the greater zitgeist, but it is highly overrated musically. I’ll be buying the U2 reissue. Not sure about the Nirvana yet.

  4. Both of these were released the year I was born. I do not feel old in the slightest. :)

  5. Can’t wait for Achtung Baby reissue. Will probably buy it regardless of the content. As for Nirvana…never really got in to their music.

  6. F reissues, I want the new Danger Mouse-produced U2 album!

  7. I really don’t understand anybody who comes on this site and says they never got into Nevermind. So many (really good) bands in modern indie rock are in some way influenced by NIRVANA that it is incomprehensible to me that someone who frequents this site would be unable to appreciate them…and prefer U2, who have always seemed to me like self-important corporate rock stars.

    • I love and respect Nevermind. But it was the perfect algorithm of The Stooges, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Melvins, Joy Division and The Beatles. In the end, those were the influences. I think bands were more influenced by Nirvana’s persona and the rebirth of the raw, unfiltered rock ethos than the band’s sound, which revisited so many other great albums before it. However, before they became the self-important corporate, guilty-pleasure rock stars of present, U2 influenced many great acts, including Radiohead. Achtung Baby is a masterpiece, the ultimate exercise in reinvention, cultural and romantic deconstruction, and, ironically these days with U2, self-reflection. It was a high dive from a cliff in the pitch black. The band wasn’t certain it wouldn’t burn up in re-entry, ending their careers, but they released it any way. The Zoo TV tour that followed was just as bold. The band refused to play its “hits” at the time, ticking off a lot of concertgoers who wanted to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday again. What an amazing juxtaposition to the safe, predictable, boring band they have become. I don’t care if U2 never release another new album. But I’m glad they’re giving as a reissue of their greatest.

  8. Reissues are all fine and good but “REMASTERED” is my big question. Despite U2 being the ‘biggest’ band in the world, the sound quality on most of their albums is laughable. Try turning up anything from Joshua Tree onward and it sounds like shit. I don’t know if it was Eno, Lanois or whomever, but the sound quality, not the production, the sound quality is absolute shit. I would love to hear the Edge’s guitar effects from Acthung Baby get the remastering it deserves. Clean that shit up boys!

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