Wilco - "I Might"

Wilco’s new single “I Might” has gone on sale at this weekend’s Solid Sound Fest (AKA Wilcopalooza) in North Adams, MA. The song’s a taut stomper, with circular riffs and snaky organs highlighting an indelible chorus (“It’s alright/ You won’t set the kids on fire/ But I might”). The track is Tweedy & Co’s first for their own label dBpm, which they already love so much they covered Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label” on the b-side. Take a listen to “I Might”:

“I Might” gets a wide release on 7/18. LP8 The Whole Love arrives in September.

UPDATE: And here’s the B-Side (H/T covermesongs):

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  1. Sounds like an outtake from the Spongebob soundtrack. Love some Wilco…just not feelin it. Wasn’t too excited about the Album as well. Just seems too safe.

    • I absolutely disagree. There’s nothing about this song that seems like “safe” Wilco. This isn’t what I expected to hear at all, and it’s great. If anything I’d consider their last album to be safe, but somewhat justified within it’s own concept. I’m glad to hear that they’re trying some weird stuff again.

  2. Like it. Almost makes me feel better about working on Saturday… Love the bass tone and the xylophone is a nice touch. Chorus is great.

  3. Jeff Tweedy sort of sounds like Jay Reatard, which is always swag in my book.

  4. Based on this one track, I’m thinking this might be the best Wilco album since Ghost… Spooky?

  5. so stoked on this so happy

  6. Really diggin’ this. Like a breath of fresh air after the more recent stagnant output.

  7. yeah, not hearing ‘safe’ at all. pumping up the bass and groove like this may not be as immediately noticeable a sonic transition as the move to YHF may have been but its was out of the box for wilco

  8. Yo La Wilco! I like what I’m hearing!

  9. If you’d like to hear the original version of Wilco’s B-Side, “I Love My Label”, we’re featuring it this weekend. http://1001-songs.blogspot.com/

  10. This is awesome!

  11. funky shit! muy bueno.

  12. This one should finally drive a stake throught the heart of the ‘alt-country’ label that some persist in using in relation to Wilco.
    The live shows supporting this record will be epic.

  13. Peter Falk would have loved to play this song at his long awaited and delayed NY gay wedding. Alas…

  14. Finally! A return to their Alt-Country roots!!! Love the twang of the glockenspiel and fuzz bass. I might just dust off the feed cap and make a return to a live show next time the Wilco boys are in town. This song would sound great between “New Madrid” and “Box Full of Letters” in a set list. Hey, one can hope. You’re move, Ryan Adams.

  15. This reminds me of Elvis Costello, which is never a bad thing. Different, but good.

  16. I’ve always been a decent Wilco fan. I got to see them open for Neil Young a couple years ago in Detroit and it was awesome.

    I like this song, it’s both pretty Wilco and pretty not. I can dig it.

  17. Wow! This is excellent. Great to see wilco changing things up. I thought they were happy heading along a sky blue sky wilco the album path. Lovely surprise. Hope this is a good reflection of the album to follow.

  18. wow! impressed!
    this remember me the early days, like summerteeth with some layers of yankee hotel.
    better and better than (The Album).

    Yep! Wilco (The Label)

  19. I’d love to hear a song from the spongebob soundtrack about pissing blood

  20. Please tell me I’m not the only one hearing Radiohead’s “Bangers + Mash.”

  21. Check out this Riverfront Times article on five ways you might see “I Might” reviewed. Here’s the link below:


  22. This lifts a LOT from “Bangers + Mash.”

  23. It’s got a bit of a Spoon vibe

  24. For up-to-the-minute Wilco news, be sure to follow @WilcoNews on Twitter! We’re not weird, I promise.

  25. Stirratt’s bass is PUMPING on this tune. Dig it. Eager to hear more!

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