California folk singer (and the first person signed to David Geffen’s Asylum label) Judee Sill died of a drug overdose in 1979 at the age of 35. Before that, she released two beautiful, highly worth-checking-out collections, Judee Sill in 1971 and Heart Food in 1973. Grizzly Bear/Department Of Eagle Dan Rossen, though, chose a track from disc two of the 2005 Jim O’Rourke-produced demo and rarities collection Dreams Come True as his contribution to the forthcoming American Dust will release Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill. Nice decision … he very much makes it his own.

Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill is out 9/22 via American Dust. Fleet Foxes have covered the eponymous “Crayon Angel,” but oddly don’t appear on the collection. Here’s the tracklist:

01 Ron Sexsmith – “Crayon Angel”
02 Beth Orton – “Reach for the Sky”
03 Daniel Rossen – “Waterfall”
04 Frida Hyvönen – “Jesus Was a Cross Maker”
05 Shalants – “Lopin Along Thru the Cosmos”
06 Final Fantasy – “The Donor”
07 Nicolai Dunger – “Soldier of the Heart”
08 Trembling Blue Stars – “Lady-O”
09 Colossal Yes – “The Phoenix”
10 Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity – “The Kiss”
11 Princeton – “Down Where the Valleys Are Low”
12 The Bye Bye Blackbirds – “There’s a Rugged Road”
13 Meg Baird – “When the Bridegroom Comes”
14 Bill Callahan – “For a Rainbow”
15 P.G. Six – “Til Dreams Come True”

Here’s Judee doing “Jesus Was A Crossmaker” herself:

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  1. as usual  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 0


  2. jude  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 0

    judee sill is so amazing. “the kiss” is one of the greatest recordings ever.

  3. kb  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 0

    this man is not capable of producing a bad cover song.

  4. All this time I must’ve been living under a rock. I usually never say this but.. thanks stereogum.

  5. Joe  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 0

    I hope the rest of the covers are this good. I’d especially hate to hear The Kiss get butchered.

  6. Dan Rossen cover album? Yes, please.

  7. Judee Sill was a great artist and I hope these cool bands will help turn some new fans onto her. I’m particularly looking forward to the Nadler track “The Kiss” because it matches a terrific song with a wonderful artist who has proven highly adept at covering great songwriters in the past. The Turtles covered “Lady-O” in the past and handled it very well, it will be interesting to see how that song is handled here.

  8. George Bucio  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 0

    Judee is really amazing.

  9. Dan Rossen, marry me.

  10. Orange County Suite  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 0

    Hissing of Summer Lawns…not everyday listening but unique…bringing on the movie with Anne Hathaway!

  11. I’d do anything for Dan Rossen. Anything.

  12. moi  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 0

    Beautiful. This made my day :-)

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