Coldplay - "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" Video

The new video from the Chris Martin band is colorful like the one for the song that inspired it (“Ritmo De La Noche,” via “I Go To Rio“) and make some nice use of stop motion photography and the big budget a band like Coldplay carries around. Fuck with this band and get splattered with fabulous colors of paint.

When this song is inevitably performed in Rio, this will be part of its middle 8:

Comments (7)
  1. best video since strawberry fields!

  2. KeSha, Sufjan, and Coldplay should organize an all neon world tour.

  3. all freon world tour…it would be the coolest.

  4. Kind of made me twitch. Cool visual effects though!

  5. it´s a copy???

  6. This actually made me like the song a little bit more. The jittery effect suits it well.

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