Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

Last week we published our Top 20 Albums Of 2011 So Far. Bon Iver came out on top — he also has the #2 album (and #1 ruralwave album) on this week’s charts — followed by Gang Gang Dance, Austra, Iceage, and Fucked Up. Our list was perfect, of course, and based on science. But! We value other perspectives, especially those of our opinionated readers. Arguing about oversights is fun and if it were up to me you’d all be hired at Championship Vinyl. Until then, here are the dozen releases Stereogum commenters most frequently cited as wrongful omissions.

Tyler The Creator - Goblin12 Tyler The CreatorGoblin (XL)




Cut Copy - Zonoscope11 Cut CopyZonoscope (Modular)




tUnE-yArDs – Smoke Ring For My Halo10 tunE-yArDsw h o k i l l (4AD)




TV On The Radio – Nine Types Of Light9 TV On The RadioNine Types Of Light (Interscope)




Wild Beasts - Smother8 Wild BeastsSmother (Domino)




Battles – Gloss Drop7 BattlesGloss Drop (Warp)




Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes6 Lykke LiWounded Rhymes (LL)




Cluts - Cults5 CultsCults (In The Name Of/Columbia)




The Antlers – Burst Apart4 The AntlersBurst Apart (Frenchkiss Records/Transgressive Records)




Panda Bear - Tomboy3 Panda BearTomboy (Paw Tracks)




Radiohead – The King Of Limbs2 RadioheadThe King Of Limbs (Self-Released)




James Blake – James Blake1 James BlakeJames Blake (Atlas/A&M)




What’d we (read: you) miss this time?

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  1. yea this is basically my top ten list right here, and they were like all left out.

  2. Minus Goblin I agree

  3. You missed Bill Callahan and The Skull Defekts.

  4. You made that original list for subversive reasons and you know it. I’m not saying that you had to list any of those listed above, but to leave some of those out and include something like Puro Instinct or Adele is flat out insane.

    • Amrit, Brandon, and I each assigned a point score to our favorite albums and that’s how the final list was tallied. Many albums in this list above would’ve made the final cut if we did Top 30 and not Top 20.

      I’ll go to bat for Adele — love that album. I know it’s “uncool” but so is a lot of the music on my Zune. (I don’t really have a Zune.)

    • Have you actually listened to that Puro Instinct albums? It’s really really good. Gorilla vs. Bear has it in their best of 2k11 list so far as well, so it’s not that insane.

  5. somehow tUnE-yArDs got dissed again. it’s my favorite album of the year.

  6. going back and doing some nombers, Kurt Vile’s name was dropped 10 times in the comments, while tUnE-yArDs 23. So no, we didn’t miss her, you did.

  7. STILL no Julian Lynch? I’m sad. I don’t get it. :-(

  8. Yay! Wild Beasts, James Blake, Radiohead, Tune-yards and Panda Bear, bands that actually deserve it! Oh, wait….this isn’t the actual list…

  9. really no wye oak-civilian again? otherwise pretty good list

  10. Young Widows – In and Out of Youth and Lightness
    David Bazan – Strange Negotiations
    Touche Amore – Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me

  11. Saigon, Big K.R.I.T., Shabazz Palaces, and G-Side (basically just non-OF hip-hop in general) should get at least some recognition on some sort of list. Also, as far as OF albums that should be getting props on these lists, I’ll take Nostalgia/Ultra over Goblin any day.

  12. overlooked is an understatement

  13. My favorites of the year so far aren’t on most lists anyway; I’m never too caught up in lists.

    I really like David Thomas Broughton’s Outbreeding, also:

    Roommate – Guilty Rainbow

    some stuff that made the lists I also enjoyed: James Blake, Wild Beasts. Some stuff I haven’t given enough time yet: Panda Bear, tune-yards. I haven’t bought or stolen Shabazz yet but I am wiling to bet I’ll like it. Stuff I listened to enough but wasn’t as bowled-over by: Cults, John Maus. I just like talking shop with music fans, I try not to take it personally when an album I didn’t care for is beloved or vice versa.

  14. Jessica Lea Mayfield- Tell Me

    Also, Mountain Goats, Frank Ocean, Arctic Monkeys.

    • the new arctic monkeys album is quite mediocre at best

    • Tell Me is a very good record and I don’t understand why she doesn’t get more love for it. It’s good all the way through while being pretty varied, musically speaking (especially compared to her first album).

      Unrelated, but I’ve been more into punk (using that term loosely) this year. Joyce Manor’s s/t debut and the new Lemuria album are a couple favorites. And hip-hop wise, Danny! finally officially released Where Is Danny? after a two year wait and everyone should listen to that too.

    • The new Mountain Goats and new Okkervil River albums are probably my favorite thus far. I found it strange they weren’t even mentioned much in the comments.

  15. perhaps starfucker doesn’t have as many fans outside portland as i’d like to believe.

  16. Now grab 5 from each list to make the *right* list! :p

  17. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  18. True Widow’s As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth? anybody?

    • Yup. Think the s/t is a little better, though.

    • The True Widow album is leaps and bounds better than anything on either list except for TVotR (who have finally put out a solid album that interests me) and maybe the Tuneyards album.

      I think it’s a bit too subtle and dark for this crowd, though–definitely not pop enough.

      I’d put “As High As The Highest Heavens,” Helms Alee’s “Weatherhead” and Atari Teenage Riot’s “Is This Hyperreal?” as the best three albums of the year so far.

  19. I echo the selections tUnE-yArDs, Wild Beasts, The Antlers, and Cults. I’m glad that James Blake made first, because I didn’t think the Radiohead album was very good at all. Whatever they do is a bit hyped, if you ask me.

  20. I mentioned it on the last post but I really like the Holy Ghost! album. Probably my favorite “dance – centric” album of the year thus far. Just curious if anyone else got into that one as well. I think, taking both lists together, we’ve got a pretty good snapshot of 2011. Still haven’t listened to the Yuck or Cults albums…

    • Definitely. It’s my favorite album of the year so far period. It’s as strong as LCD’s debut album, which is a lazy comparison to make, but it feels like that kind of pronouncement.

    • I liked Holy Ghost! a good, strong album. Friendly Fires – Pala, I wanted to liek it but it had some songs I just didn’t like.

      Others to note:
      Black Light Dinner Party
      Theophilius London – Timez Are Weird These Days
      Cass McCombs
      The Drums
      Thurston Moore
      Tom Vek – Leisure Seizure, which I think was mentioned already.

  21. If you took this list, stabbed it, drained its blood, then infused its blood with the other list, you’d get my list… Except Nicolas Jaar is missing.

  22. Black Lips…overlooked again. I kind of hate you, stereogum

    • Yeah their new one is definitely one of their best, falling behind only “Good, Bad, Not Evil” and their real masterpiece “Let It Bloom”

  23. way to cover your ass sgum haha

  24. God, stop whining you whiney hipsters. Have you ever met any of the dopes that write for this rag? I bet if you did, you would just scoff and drive off on your mopeds.

    Stereogum’s taste sucks. And that goes for the rest of (most all of) the rest of you douchenozzles that demand validation about what you music like through these dumbass lists. Get over it.

  25. I know Im gonna get crap for this but, the reason for so much grief is that Brandon represents a third of the power. He is a metal fan writing for a indie rock website. Im not taking anything away from his taste, writing, or opinions. It’s just that he is not going to see eye to eye with many of the readers of this site.

    • Brandon not being a 200 proof adolescent cliche is the only reason I even look at Sterogum!

      • Hey Eddie. The thing to remember is that I do like non-metal, too. If you search the archives here, you’ll see that. I wrote the Band To Watch post on the beloved Tune-Yards, for instance. Ditto Austra, Iceage, HEALTH, Fuck Buttons, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gayngs, Cold Cave, Real Estate, El Guincho, Pictureplane, etc. Before I came to Stereogum I wrote 200+ reviews for Pitchfork. If you do a search on “Stosuy” over there, you’ll see Best New Music posts on Michigan (the same month I gave praise to Swans and Wolf Eyes), Liars’ Drum’s Not Dead, Antony’s I Am A Bird Now, M83′s Before The Dawn Heals Us, fucking Wolf Parade, etc. I did P4K’s first Joanna Newsom, National, Beirut, No Age, Marnie Stern, etc., reviews. Was praising Gang Gang Dance in 2004. And all this time, covering the metal and noise and Finnish weirdos and spazz-punks. This is traceable/hard-fact stuff. Outside of that, though, people can (and, ideally, should) have diverse listening tastes, you know? So, yeah, I listen to a lot of metal and noise — a ton — but I’ve been thinking hard about “independent music” since I was 12 or 13 and listen widely. I always have. I like what I like. And find boring what I find boring. Hell, I just co-curated a summer of dance music (albeit dark dance music, ha ha) for MoMA/Ps1.

        Sorry for the long response. Just tired of people oversimplifying my record collection.

        • I understand that I meant it more as a way of explaining how you pull the site in a slightly darker direction than some people are used to. I know you like other music as well, I wouldn’t be listening to unknown mortal orchestra without you ;) I was oversimplifying your views. Plus I enjoy pissing you off

  26. some of my favorites that didn’t make either list (but i didn’t expect them and also i’m not an asshole so this isn’t a complaint, just a personal list):
    tennis – cape dory
    youth lagoon – the year of hibernation
    best coast – itunes session ep
    seapony – go with me
    dale earnhardt jr. jr. – it’s a corporate world
    love inks – e.s.p.
    big k.r.i.t. – return of 4eva
    generationals – actor-caster

    • I like your list! Not sure why the Seapony album hasn’t received more praise. It sounds unassuming at first but really grows on you after time. Agreed on DEJJ and Tennis as well. Feel like people didn’t check these albums out because Pitchfork and other blogs gave them very mediocre reviews. I’m surprised Metronomy didn’t make this leftover list either because I and several others mentioned it enough times in the comments and it was also a Stereogum Heavy Rotation. This will all be different by the end of the year though. I expect we’ll see Beirut, Twin Sister, Memoryhouse, and Washed Out near the top.

  27. James Blake – James Blake
    Limerence – Young Montana?
    Who Kill ? -Tune Yards
    Tomboy – Panda Bear
    Cults – Cults
    Goblin – Tyler The Creator
    Shangri La – YACHT
    What did you expect from the vaccines – The Vaccines
    In Love With The Oblivion – The Crystal Stilts
    Gloss Drop – Battles
    Rome – Danger Mouse Y Daniel Luppi
    Dedication – Zomby
    Colour Of The Trap – Miles Kane
    Naive To – Is Tropical
    Hot Sauce Committee pt.2 – Beastie Boys
    93 Million Miles – Africa Hitech
    Hyper Nomads – Jazzsteppa
    Thee Physical – Picture Plane
    Arabia Mountain – The Black Lips
    Discodeine – Discodeine

  28. 1,2,3, They are pretty sick

  29. Cashier No. 9 too

  30. Substitute Gobln with the new My Morning Jacket.

  31. I myself really loved Cloud Nothing’s album but I feel like nobody else is really pay attention to them so I’m not surprised to have not seen them on either list.

  32. Tyler the misogynistic homophobe makes the list, but Wye Oak gets slighted again? Seriously, dude…

  33. I agree with all of this except Burst Apart.

    Probably the most overrated album in a long time.

    In the independent persuasion anyway.

  34. Don’t really ‘get’ James Blake. Only thing I liked in that album was the cover of that Feist song and I still prefer the original.

  35. My opinion is better than yours!

    I think it’s funny when people talk smack and trash lists and each other’s personal music tastes. My personal list would include Figurines – Figurines (though it did come out last year in it’s home country), Panda Bear – Tomboy, Antlers – Burst Apart, Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues, Battles Gloss Drop, Strokes – Angles, Tapes ‘n Tapes – Outside

  36. Wu Lyf

    We Are Augustines

    Joy Formidable

  37. Yeah don’t forget to hype James Blake again. You must be on the payroll like Pitchfork. There’s a reason no one is buying any of this guy’s “music” despite all the blog hype. Move on to someone that can play more than a damn keyboard.

  38. Loving The Wild Beasts album. Cut Copy is good but yet soooo boring. Cut Copy & Junior Boys could be placed side by side in a bland contest and Cut Copy would win being less boring by like an inch. Nine Types of Light is good and so close to being great. I think TV on the Radio rushed it a bit and could’ve spent a few more months tightening things up.

    That being said, lists are great fun and very human. To quote: the list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create order — not always, but often. And how, as a human being, does one face infinity? How does one attempt to grasp the incomprehensible? Through lists, through catalogs, through collections in museums and through encyclopedias and dictionaries. – Umberto Eco.

    So you people being “above” lists and “I don’t make lists” are lying to yourselves.

    • Listen again. The best tracks on the new Junior Boys and Cut Copy albums are toward the end. They actually know how to build an album, not just flashy singles.

  39. My favorites this year have been:

    Handsome Furs, The Naked and Famous, The Witches, Viva Voce, Friendly Fires, Junior Boys, Priory and YACHT. For some reason a lot of the albums I thought I’d love and were so looking forward to were pushed aside by those 8 (Bon Iver, MMJ, etc.).

    One album that completely surprised me was Bell X1′s new album. I’ve never liked any of their stuff before (always lumped them in with crappyness like Athlete, Keane, Coldplay), but I totally dug the new album.

    Picking a #1 so far is tough. Going strictly on number of listens, it’d have to be The Witches.

    • Bell X1 released again? Holy cow, they toured on the back of “Flock” for like 4 years. I saw them on Conan playing “Rocky Took A Lover” when it had been out for over 3 years. Now two more records in 2 years? Thanks for the tip.

  40. Nicolas Jaar.

  41. Does no one else like the new ones form Okkervil River, The Decemberists, Iron & Wine, and The Dodos? Decemberists and Iron & Wine came out early in the year, so I could see people forgetting that they came out in 2011, but Okkervil River and The Dodos were just a couple of months ago and they’re still not getting the praise they deserve.

  42. Overlooking STONE ROLLIN’ by Raphael Saadiq is criminal. Truthfully, it’s better than anything Stereogum has mentioned on its little lists.

  43. Can I just say thank you to the writers of Stereogum. You seem to have a thankless job.

    I look at these lists to see what artists are included that I may have overlooked, not to validate the exact list I have in my head.

    The first list was fine as is……this one obviously serves as a remedy to all of the bitching…..pretty funny

  44. Best of ’11 So Far… super stupid.

  45. No love for Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 on either list?

  46. Action Bronson- Dr Lecter

  47. I’ll add the Vaccines and Generationals…

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