Earlier this month we took a look back at “Indie” Songs Of The Summer 2001-2010 and asked you what 2011′s non-Katy Perry BBQ anthem should be. These were the top five tracks you nominated:

And your winner:

Congrats Foster. Here’s how it broke down…
Indie Song Of The Summer 2011 Chart

Foster The People formed less than two years ago in LA. While “Pumped Up Kicks” was released last September, it’s only now rising on Billboard’s Hot 100, currently peaking at #65. In the spirit of “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Kicks” is an undeniably catchy tune with a sing-song chorus that distracts from its dark storyline. Pay no attention to the homicidal narrator, though, and it’ll have everyone whistling at your pool party: iTunes | Amazon.

Foster The People’s debut LP Torches is out now on Columbia. Wear sunscreen.

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  1. Cults, Battles or Washed Out…But Foster The People is everywhere I go :(

  2. No. Absolutely not. Still convinced that band are a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. “ice Cream” will be MY summer song, at least.

    • I’ve met one of the band members 1,5 years ago, and he was a real nice person and not some kind of a bandwagon jumper. They just made the music they wanted to make (which is fun music), and a major got word, signed them, and that’s about it.

  3. Because “Go Outside” by Cults totally wasn’t released in 2009…

  4. O i only know the one Cults song. Also Adam just because a song was released a long time ago doesn’t mean it can’t be the song of the summer for another year. I hear that Cults song on EVR often. also on college radio always.

  5. Really not surprised I’ve never heard of Foster the People or seen them live despite living and loving LA music for the last four years. It’s not even that the song it’s bad but this is the worst fucking video I have ever seen. “Oh just going surfing, oh just cutting a record in a nice studio, oh just skipping the line to the club with my ladyfriend, oh just the usual, you know living in LA. ” – Foster the People. What would be super cool is if no one in Foster the People was actually in that music video. Then it would be the most AMAZING music video ever.

    • I agree, that video is horrible. They couldn’t have come up with anything better than a “clowning around” video? It’s like an modern day LA version of The Monkees.

      I have to go with Washed Out. Cults’ “Go Outside” was SO 2010…

    • I never heard of them or this song either. I liked it, and I even thought that the video had its charm, but yikes, for a major label, this is some pretty cheesy, low-budget shit! Things are looking bad at Columbia if this is how they’re promoting an up-and-coming band.

  6. “Pumped up Kicks” is our generation’s “Fireflies”.

  7. This reminds me of that Peter, Bjorn and John hit from the summer of 2006

  8. It should be Heatwave by Chiddy Bang.

  9. The Foster The People song is nice…but I would have preferred it if Cults had won.

  10. this song is like a holocaust on my ears

  11. True Blue should be there….

  12. Ugh. This band is to ‘Indie’ what Candlebox was to ‘Grunge’.

    • It does kinda feel like this is trying to be “indie” and sounds what someone who doesn’t listen to much of it would think that type of music sounds like. Once the whistling kicked in, I listened to find all the instances of the song trying to sounds like that, and there sure were a lot of them. That said, it’s still a catchy tune.

  13. Ooh, I’m so hip having voted for the underdog! I really like that Givers song.

    But “Pumped Up Kicks” is a hell of a jam. They’ve been playing it on the radio in Columbus for months though, so I almost don’t even consider it a “summer jam” at this point.

  14. the foster song sounds just like peter bjorn and john, givers sound just like vampire weekend, cults are another jimmy-jangle faux lo-fi band. chalk it all up to catchy summer music – and i wouldn’t call any of it “indie,” as there’s barely such a genre anymore. more like “internet rock.”

    a much better foster song is “call it what you want.” that’s a good jam.

  15. Apparently, I’m not that into what 2011 has to offer thus far. My favorite out of the 5 is “Up, Up, Up.” Looks like that puts me in the minority.

  16. I was playing Cults “Go Outside” last summer. Let’s move on. And Foster the People are sub par. Their one song is fine, but the rest of the album is a bit of a letdown. May I suggest Washed Out’s “Amor Fati” or Toro y Moi’s “New Beat.”

  17. I think the song is meh, but man I like their hair.

  18. Sign on music blogs too much…. Like them all but 3 of theses songs “are so last year”. For that reason rooting for the Washed Out or Battles.

  19. Forgettable song, memorable hot boys.

  20. beach house is once again my summer band. but the new washed out album is…. INCREDIBLE. you will all regret this once it becomes album of the year. at least in my book

  21. Why did the worst possible choice win? I mean, don’t get me wrong – “Pumped Up Kicks” is an okay song, but it’s definitely not the song of the summer. I would have gone with Washed Out or Battles.

  22. Pathetic list as usual.

  23. I rebel against the system, and choose an unnominated song: Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club!
    Confetti, everywhere!

  24. ummmm don’t we mean LAST summer? this was on every mix cd i made …. a year ago. nice going slow ass slow people.

    i mean, it’s a decent song but i am ashamed of you all.

  25. What karlaanne said. That Foster the People song came out last year. Another vote for Ice Cream. Although I could have used a tune-yards song in the vote too.

  26. To be fairly honest, “Up Up Up” was my choice (Mostly because I heard the studio version which is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the version here). Yet I am a big advocate of both Washed Out and Battles. And Battles definitely had a close second. I really have never like Cults ever, even when, as most people have already stated, the song came out/reached a large amount of air time last year. So Foster was my last choice (though it’s still a great track). I just find it funny how it worked out that way. Givers, my choice, got the least amount of votes. Foster, my last choice, gets the most.

  27. this “song of the summer” thing isnt about what song out of these you personally like best. its about which of these songs it is that everybody knows and that everyone can sing along to in the car or at the party. i LOVE the cults but i didnt vote for go outside because most of my friends dont know it. But they all know pumped up kicks, and whenever it comes on its a fun summer moment for everyone, not just me.

  28. Is it just me or does Pumped Up Kicks sound a lot like Papercuts’ Future Primitive?

  29. Besides battles, THESE SONGS ARE HORRIBLE. um. horrible.

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  31. It’s not that I don’t like “Pumped up Kicks,” It’s that it sounds so much like Peter, Bjorn and John…. Remember when that band Hoobastank came out and they sounded exactly like a worse version of Incubus?

  32. Pathetic. Are the people that voted for this shitty song the same people that keep trying to pass off bands like Matt & Kim, Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons and Coldwar Kids as “indie”?

  33. eh, the song is very popish. should they even be categorized as “indie”?

  34. I’m glad Foster The People won even though I like all the tracks on this list. I saw them live & met them & talked to them for a while in June. They are a great & talented & nice bunch of guys that just want to make the music they want so give them a break. That’s fine if you don’t like their music but just don’t call them bandwagon jumpers like someone above did. Also just because they whistle in their song doesn’t mean it’s like Young Folks. I’ve talked to some people who compare almost every song that whistles to Young Folks. I wonder if there would be this many negative comments about Foster The People if they weren’t popular.

  35. ok first off, “Pumped Up Kicks” came out in 2010 so its in the wrong season.
    like many have said “Go Outside” also came out a while ago.
    “Up Up Up” is good but it sounds too much like its been formulated to be a summer jam song.
    and I’m surprised that Washed Out song got so far in this ranking I can’t see it being a summer jam at all.
    Now take exhibit E; Battles’ “Ice Cream” should be the summer jam of 2011 because: 1. It came out in the proper timeframe. 2. It acts as a summer jam song because of its catchiness, spontaneity, and the actual meaning of the song(read a translation of it, it has to do with ice cream melting).
    I rest my case.

  36. This song is terrible. I voted ‘Ice Cream’, even though I think ‘Within Without’ is a better album than ‘Gloss Drop’.

  37. My Indie Song of Summer 2011 is: An Assfull Of Love – „Celebrate Your Life“

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