Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams

Ryan and wife have fused their voices on a new song called “Empty Room.” It’s the first time they’ve officially collaborated, and it comes via a tour-only 7″ backed with what we’re gonna call Adams In Chains: Ryan’s cover of AiC’s Jar Of Flies (and Unplugged) standout “Nutshell” in all of its four-chord, Layne Staley heroin-stained/Jerry Cantrell searingly soloed glory. Ryan gives good cover, but after all, you already knew that. Stream ’em both here:

Ryan Adams – “Nutshell” (Alice In Chains Cover)

Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore – “Empty Room”

(via COS)

“Nutshell,” originally:

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  1. Is he in Weezer now, or something?

  2. That Mandy Moore collab is seriously awesome! Admittedly, I am a big Ryan / Mandy supporter.

  3. Well as for Nutshell…it sounds like Nutshell, which if thats what he was going for he got.

  4. his “down in a hole” cover is better.

  5. This tune makes Mandy Moore sound like Stevie Nicks singing backup. Sounds pretty flippin’ good.

  6. “Amanda Leigh” by Mandy Moore was a very good album, and I think she’s a better artist than many people give her credit for.

  7. Grunge heads gonna raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggeee.

  8. Yep. great topic. Hell, why don’t we take you kids back and say he is Buddy Holly or hell, let’s go with Malcolm X (usually browline), or Spike Lee, or Elvis Costello, or just for the hell of it we will go with Garth from Wayne’s World? No he isn’t the first to wear them, but he’s a hell of a lot more interesting and brilliant to have a topic such as this sh*t about wearing glasses.

  9. I really like Empty Room. Sounds like Whiskeytown.

  10. Poor man’s Ben & Zooey……..or is it the other way around?

  11. what does mandy moore see on ryan? they’re not really fit to each other..
    maybe its just a past time when theyre together..hahahaha…sad

  12. oh GOD…don’t ruin Nutshell for me?! sighhhh…fine i’ll give it a 20 second listen but fuck me…it’s a great song and it’s easy to play and it’s powerful BUT with the wrong vocalist, ie HIM, it’s gonna come off like ‘that cancer movie kid’ covering Nirvana…

    • sigh the only thing good i can say is this MIGHT get some kids wanting to investigate Alice In Chains so it might do some good, cause i guess if this was the first time i’ve ever heard this i’d still think it was good…even though it’s really not. and guitar-wise, its really bugging me he’s skipping a chord in that main part and skipping to the last one, spose to be Em/G/D/C i believe, he’s skipping that quick D. (and yes music nerd D FLAT i know i know haha, 1/2 step down derrr)

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