Get past the eye-catching/potentially irritating stylized spacing (ala w h o k i l l), and focus instead on the heartfelt, fuzzy electronic dance tracks from 26-year-old Denver art school grad Drew Englander aka R E A L M A G I C. He claims influence from “shoegaze, R&B, and Grime,” and on “No Things Left” some of that bears out, via tricky, shifty beats adorning club-ready rhythms and a blown-out synth sound. The result is something like Clams Casino crossing into Baths’ beat based realm, with the vocal melodic stylings of Beirut (or his own similarly monikered synth-pop guise, Realpeople). Get a sense of R E A L M A G I C via an MP3 of one of his two songs available at the moment, “No Things Left”:

Download the other track, “Crip Tics” at the Heart Music Group Bandcamp.

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  1. i love this, but this HAS to be zach condon singing.

  2. it’s more like Pictureplane but with vocal lines that are more annoying. btw- glad you told me he’s an art school grad…because it almost made me care about his music more.

  3. Whateveh haters- I’ve been listening to this all fucking week!

  4. Descent enough, but damn it seemed to drag on forever.

  5. Dude this tune is sweet. Strobe lights, robots and glaze.

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