Polaris Music Prize

The Polaris Music Prize panel revealed its longlist a few weeks ago. Today that selection of 40 LPs has been whittled down to 10 final candidates, featuring obvious inclusions (Arcade Fire), BTW inclusions (Braids, Austra), and heartening inclusions (The Weeknd, Destroyer, Colin Stetson). Everyone on this list pockets $2K, and one of them will get $30K and the PMP title come September 9th. Start betting:

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Austra – Feel It Break
Braids – Native Speaker
Destroyer – Kaputt
Galaxie – Tigre Et Diesel
Hey Rosetta – Seeds
Ron Sexsmith – Long Player Late Bloomer
Colin Steston – New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On
The Weeknd – House Of Balloons

Comments (20)
  1. Where’s Bieber? And who the hell are The Suburbs?!

  2. just as long as the yacht rock one doesn’t win

  3. I would completely say Austra, but when you bring Braids and Galaxie into this you’re making my decision difficult. I’ll split my money 3 ways, sir.

  4. It’s hard for me to not throw my support behind destroyer, if not for this record then for Bejar consistently putting out extremely high quality LPs for the last decade or so. I mean…from ‘thief’ right up to now, dude’s been untouchable.

  5. Tough list this year.
    Hard for me to pick my winner, and hard to guess who’s gonna win.

  6. House of Balloons was pretty damn superb

  7. I really hope Arcade Fire doesn’t win, they get enough credit already.

  8. I agree fully with Tom Sproat. Destroyer has been pushing sonics forward more than anyone else in music and Kaputt is a near perfect result (if only he would have updated Bay of Pigs, since the sound difference make it an album outlier).

    • Bay of pigs was slightly different than the single he released last year, if you haven’t heard it the vinyl version of Kaputt, you should check it out because it comes with a bonus song called “the laziest river”, it is superb.

  9. Austra is the clear winner to me.

  10. It’s a bit of a joke that Women didn’t make the shortlist. Public Strain is a phenomenal album.

  11. I love the Suburbs but I feel this award should go to Dan. Kaputt has been hands down my favorite album of the year, Dan deserves something for his continued excellent work!

  12. Really hope that Austra wins. It feels like Arcade Fire probably will though.

    • I think Arcade Fire is mainly there for the publicity. The biggest name in the shortlist never seems to win; Broken Social Scene, Metric, Feist, and Arcade Fire have all been overlooked in the past.

  13. Women – Public Strain was the best Canadian album of last year, it’s a real shame they didn’t make the short list. Tim Hecker kind of deserves it for his legacy, but Ravedeath wasn’t his best.

  14. Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On is easily my favorite record. It never gets enough love though.

  15. I’m hoping for Kaputt. Such a good album for all kinds of season <3

  16. Dan Bejar deserves this

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