Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement

A few months back we learned of Radiohead’s The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement, a performance of the band’s latest album (plus “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase“) to be recorded by Nigel Godrich for distribution by the BBC. The show premiered on Spain’s Canal+ last night, and will air in America on MTVN’s Palladia beginning 7/23, but you can watch the whole thing below now thanks to YouTube:



“The Daily Mail”
“Little By Little”
“Lotus Flower”
“Morning Mr Magpie”
“Give Up The Ghost”

Next up red hot producer SBTRKT will remix a Radiohead track for the ongoing KoL 12″ series.

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  1. A few of these, like Lotus flower, did not transfer well live, but Morning Mr. Magpie was definitely the shit.

    • Better than the album version.

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  2. haven’t gotten to bloom yet, but is anyone else digging this more than the studio version??

  3. this is off the hook…

  4. Yes I’m feeling it more than the studio version. I quite like the original versions, but I think the album would have received more attention and recognition if versions more closely resembling these were released instead.

    I have to disagree about Lotus Flower not transferring well and Mr Magpie being the shit. I think Lotus comes off just fine while I find the first part of Mr Magpie completely unlistenable.

  5. Amazing, especially Separator and Staircase, just wonderful….
    Does anyone know who the second bald drummer is?

  6. I think this is the best version up so far:
    Good stuff. Bloom is spectacular.

  7. Listened to Lotus Flower on laptop speakers, thought it translated like shit live. Listened on headphones, sounded amazing. I imagine in concert it’ll be just fine.

    Also think Magpie is spectacular here, substantial improvement over the album version. Only letdown is Little By Little, which just doesn’t seem to work for whatever reason. Overall, pretty wonderful stuff.

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  9. the live stuff is very redeeming of the first half of TKOL. awesome.

    I think they should release this live version as an album, it feels more like radiohead as a band as opposed to just thom.

  10. Wasn’t sure how they’d pull the album off live, maracas may well be the answer. This is fucking ace.

  11. This just further illustrates how Radiohead is so obviously tops. These live versions are amazing, the album is amazing. I’m hoping more people come around to it.

  12. This is incredible! Gah I wish they would tour this album

  13. This was at least twice as good as the album version… Morning Mr. Magpie was certainly a standout in this version.

  14. Links to videos dont work.

  15. None of these videos work, where can we watch them at??!?!

  16. Like a lot of you, this was the new Radiohead that I wanted to near. “Bloom” was sublime and Ed O”Brian has the best job that’s ever been had.

  17. Just like the album it was good not great. Mr. magpie wasn’t very good at all translated live yet on the upside Feral sounded amazing live especially the “guitar” *wink wink* that was incorporated into the song. In my opinion it was much better than the studio version [of Feral] or should I say album version since they are technically in a studio here.

    Also, just like the album Bloom was my favorite of the set.

  18. Sorry but they should have just not bothered. This is not an album to be reproduced live by the group. They should just send Thom and Johnny out on the road with a laptop. The other three, as great as their contributions are to the band, aren’t as essential here. Having a second drummer just clutters things up. I’m as fervent a fan of Radiohead as you will ever find. But unless you all have watched this about 10 more times than I and found something that is lost to me, I’m completely underwhelmed.

    • It’s okay.

    • Not bother? Well I think this is twice as good as the studio version. I have a little saying (almost.. joke if you will… =P) where the studio versions of albums are just to remember how to play the basics of the song, while the real song is heard when it’s live, like here… usually it’s because you don’t pick which vocal/drum/bass/guitar/piano/whatever take sounds best… just everything is at once, mistakes and all.

  19. I, on the other hand, cannot stop listening to this. This sounds so much more coherent than the studio version. I especially love the additions of Staircase and The Daily Mail (my favorite in the set). Where can I download these mp3s?

  20. I’d give anything but my cat to see Radiohead and Portishead touring together. I dreamed of this since 1998.

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    • Your boss only bought that TV from you because he thinks he’s got a shot at another bj, like at the Christmas party. You tease.

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  23. My biggest gripe when Limbs came out was its seeming lack of instrumentation. I felt like the entire record could have been made by two people. I’m glad I was dead wrong about that. All the little things I had attributed to having just been a part of the drum track are performed live in some fashion and that’s a relief for me. One of the things I like most about Radiohead is just how tight they are as a band. Everything is always impeccably done and there’s a great appreciation for detail. It would have been a shame to see them lose that.

    I guess I could have just said that I like the album more now.

  24. Shame the album got such a ribbing. I don’t believe it has been given a fair go. Devil is in the details, folks.

    • details, shmetails. this album is not good. three songs are decent and the rest is rubbish. the people here that think its great must be 16 year old fankids that are also captivated by ikea paintings. ive been a huge radiohead fan since The Bends and am a musician myself…when you know what it takes to make these songs, headphones, video, or whatever, they’re still mostly uninteresting. no big deal, i’m still looking forward to the next round of remixes.

  25. tim, you suck-go listen to something else if you want to complain

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