Nick Thorburn - I Am An Attic

Lead Island, ex-Unicorn, present Mssr. Heavenly Nick Thorburn has made good on his years-old promise to gift us with a free album, despite wondering along the way (and even this morning) about its quality. He’s seemed genuinely uncertain, though after hearing the pretty pair of preview tracks we posted last winter (“Gone Bananas” and “Used To Be Funny”, which has lyrics reflecting all this self-doubt) it’s a relief he’s decided to share the whole platter. Stream or download it below via his Bandcamp, free (“for a bit“):

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  1. the like button is broken on this one. but everyone knows we all love this shit. long live mr. diamonds

  2. I’m going to go ahead and say it: Nick Diamonds is the most underrated man in indie rock. Obviously the Unicorns were beloved by many, but I think their quick demise has been held against him ever since.

    “Arm’s Way” is a masterpiece to me. “Return to Sea” is a good, diverse record (I’ll admit this is Islands’ album I revisit the least), and “Vapours” is fun as hell.

    After the Unicorns, I feel as if a lot of the critics have kind of written him off. “Arm’s Way” deserved so much more praise. The Pitchfork review of it is in my top 3 most unfairly underrated reviews along with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Some Loud Thunder” and of Montreal – “Skeletal Lamping.”

    (As an aside, Stereogum, those three are prime pickings for your Double-Take feature, IMHO.)

    Really looking forward to listening to this when I get home. I enjoyed “Gone Bananas” and “Used to Be Funny” when I heard them previously. The man is prolific. If he can release Islands LP4 this year, then that makes for a great trio of releases (the third being Mister Heavenly).

  3. Finally got a chance to give this a listen – it’s pretty good stuff. Glad he released it; I like getting to hear artists in different capacities.

    It’s one part Human Highway’s quiet melancholy, one part Vapours’ electronic drums and keys, and one part early Unicorns’ bedroom pop.

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