40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room

Anyone who talks about London-based vocalist/guitarist Patrick Walker’s elegant doom trio 40 Watt Sun mentions his legendary, also elegant doom trio Warning. You have to, really. (Grab 2006’s Watching From A Distance, if you haven’t.) Unexpectedly, the new material stands up to the old: The five down-tempo songs on 40 Watt Sun’s 47+ minute debut The Inside Room update Warning’s production, weave in pensive acoustic moments, and locate a vaster sounding explosiveness without straying from the script. As long fans should hope, there are those sweeping hooks, painful, introspective lyrics, and Walker’s clear, soaring voice — elements that could be cheesy if not handled with such delicacy or well-earned confidence. (The collection made my Top 26 Metal Albums Of 2011 So Far with good reason.) Walker keeps things spacious, brooding, emotionally raw, and elemental with the help of drummer/percussionist Christian Leitch (founding member of the River) and bassist, engineer/mixer William Spong. The lineup debuted live at the end of ’09, but the The Inside Room is more experienced than that. Here’s the stage-setting 10+ minute opener “Restless.”

The Inside Room is out 7/19 via Metal Blade. It’s been out in the UK since March via Cyclone Empire. Listen to it in tandem with LOSS’s Despond to experience different, compatible takes on doom-y grief.

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  1. This is fantastic. Pensive as fuck. Will definitely track down the album after hearing this song.

  2. Worth mentioning that Metal Blade is releasing this domestically and it has been available since early this year. Easily one of my favorite albums this year. My iTunes count on the song “Carry Me Home” is up to 386 already.

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  4. Watching from a Distance is a heck of an album.

  5. Magnifica canción !!! Fantastic song !

  6. Fuck yes, beyond stoked about this…

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