Swedish italo-disco dreamer Sally Shapiro’s My Guilty Pleasure, the followup to Disco Romance, is out this fall. When we debuted the first single “Miracle” a ways back we asked Shapiro if a miracle relationship ended could there be another miracle that might start it up again:

We’re not told that … But not a high chance I would guess. It’s a song about the nostalgia you can feel over a lost relationship. Maybe it really felt like a miracle when it was going on, at least for you. Or maybe you just remember the relationship as better than it actually was.

We’re still left guessing in this extended remix Bulgarian producer Bogdan Irkük (aka BULGARI), but he’s removed a bit of the stormy sound effects, and doubled the length of our last goodbye, which somehow makes it all seem more hopeful.

The “Miracle” single is out via Paper Bag. My Guilty Pleasure is out this 8/25, also via Paper Bag.

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  1. I’m not really down with dance music but I loved Disco Romance, and I was beginning to wonder when a followup was coming. Cool track, too!

  2. I’m sure this will be reported on here later or first thing tomorrow or something but for those of you just tuning-in..

    (via Pitchfork) BREAKING NEWS:

    “Dirty Projectors’ van flipped outside of Detroit, MI on their way up to Toronto. Although the crash was serious, we’re happy to report that all members of the band have been safely discharged from the hospital. The band will be flying home to New York in the morning to regroup and rest. Unfortunately, the band will have to cancel Toronto and Montreal. Thank you for understanding and sending your well wishes.”

    The Dirty Projectors show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto tomorrow night, June 24, has been canceled. According to an email from the show’s promoter, the band was in a “pretty bad” auto accident.

    Posted by Amy Phillips on June 23, 2009 at 5:15 p.m.

    UPDATE: Everybody’s OK.

  3. Leo  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2009 0

    Actually the narrative in this remix seems to go pretty deep. In the beginning it sounds like someone in having a dialogue in French with Sally – presumably the boyfriend – he seems to be shocked over the fact that their relationship ended. Then in the end, the vocoder actually sings “the train that would take me away”, whereas Sally earlier sings “the train that would take you away”, so here it seems to be the boyfriend singing again. So the “I wanted to cry, but I knew, there’s no point missing you” seems to be a mutual feel.

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