Unkind - Harhakuvat

Veteran Finnish quintet Unkind play crusty, guitar-sliding d-beat punk that should interest fans of Discharge, Tragedy, and Disfear as well as folks into the dark atmospherics mastered by Amebix and Converge. The band’s fifth album (and Relapse debut) Harhakuvat closes with the 6-minute “Koulutettu Epäonnistumaan” (“Education Of Failure”), an example of how they like to occasionally push their 2-minute hardcore explosions into doomier, more expansive territories.

Harhakuvat is out 8/2 via Relapse.

Unkind 2011

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  1. Why is it that like 95% of the Haunting the Chapel selections are not downloadable mp3s, where as its nearly the opposite for indie rock. I really want to download this and listen to this later. I can’t stream music at work and I won’t sit on a website stream later. THis sounds really interesting, as do most of the HTC selections, but I never get to hear them.

    • The labels request streams. If they give me the OK for a download, I post it as a download. You know, I’m not sure why there’s such a difference between the genres, but it’s something worth investigating. I feel like it may have to do with scale, promotional budgets, expectations of sales, etc.? But that’s guesswork.

      • It’s all about teasing and appealing to different markets (not that fans can’t overlap with both). Heavy labels realize that by only allowing people to stream the song then the listener will hopefully want to buy the album more, or at least be more inclined to actually pay for the whole thing, maybe. They know that most metal fans just download their stuff, and they’re hoping that by not allowing you to get free music from them offline that you’ll actually support them.

        Now indie singles are more often downloadable cause they want to be remembered and have the possibility to be heard again in someone’s personal library so they can share it with their friends and get a bunch of people to go to shows, which is where small indie bands actually make money. Indie stuffs are willing to give it up for free if it means more attention in the long run.

        Just my opinion.

  2. “Educated to Fail” would be a more accurate translation of the title.

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