As Videogum pointed out, Sean Penn has a new movie. What Gabe didn’t mention is This Must Be The Place is a mumblecore remake of Edward Scissorhands featuring new original music by David Byrne. NJ Underground notes the film also includes Arcade Fire’s cover of Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place,” hence the kid at the end of the following trailer, a clip that features Byrne performing onstage, among other things:

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  1. That’s not the Arcade Fire’s cover of the song, that’s how Byrne played it while it was being filmed. I was there.

  2. Right – but that’s not what brandon said. Brandon said that in the movie the Arcade Fire cover will be played.

    I was there.

  3. right… David Byrne playing Arcade Fire’s cover of TMBTP? I guess that’s what he said…

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