Spotify Launches In The US

The popular European music-streaming service Spotify launched in the States today. There’s a free service (for which you’ll need to wait to receive an invitation) as well as two different to-pay versions ($4.99 per month and $9.99 per month). Here’s the video announcing its arrival:

You can get more information on the different plans (and request an invite) at Spotify.

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  1. You can get an invite now if you use It is a “Perk.”

  2. thanks for the link, Jon. they’re run out of accounts to give out today, though.

  3. Im not digging it. I would rather not deal with a barrage of advertisements that keep me from enjoying my music library that I already own…

    The interface is nice, its really a shame that Coke pop ups distract me from my work when I just want to listen to some music and get some writing done.

    I will be deleting this from my computer.

  4. Maybe if you weren’t such a cheap ass and payed $10 a month to use it you wouldn’t have to deal with Coke pops up.

  5. $10 a month = $120 a year. Why would I pay that?
    I can easily download torrents for free and if I like the music I will purchase it.

    There are more elegant ways to advertise than is being done by Spotify. The advertisements are invasive are blatant which leads to obstruction of my workflow. Perhaps they could advertise when you are listening to tracks that you haven’t purchased…?…

    Cheap Ass? I guess I should have know better than to contribute my opinion in a place like this.
    People grow some BIG BALLS in comment sections

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