Timothy Saccenti and Alan Bibby directed this video for Within And Without’s first single “Eyes Be Closed.” It stars a girl and her motorcycle.

Within And Without is out in the US via Sub Pop (and internationally via Weird World/Domino).

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  1. This video sucks. Its unimaginative, boring and slightly chauvinist .

  2. Man this looks cheap.

  3. I’m all for fashionistas on crotch rockets but this is unsatisfactory.

    I’m glad I fell in love with the song first. A perfect example of how a bad video can ruin a good song if seeing the video is your first exposure to the music.

  4. Does anyone else hear “Drive” by The Cars in this song? Not complaining at all, it’s just what I hear and Iike it.

  5. honestly at the start of the first 2 minutes i enjoyed the side screen on sync to the beat kind of like gondri, as far as overall imagination it’s poor but compared to what these days? i’ve seen so many crappy videos maybe my mind is numb but i appreciate a video with a girl who doesn’t end up naked, any video really, any representation of a woman with power is wonderful to me, although the video overall is poor.

  6. Wha??? Were you dudes watching the same video I was?
    I thought the image and the design were perfect for the ebb and flow of the music.
    Beautiful! Stylish. Mesmerizing. And very cool.

  7. Getting the visual for this video when I hear this song now kinda sucks. Great record, but why do something like this? His two previous videos were great from what I can recall (ESPECIALLY the unofficial video for “Feel It All Around”. Still love Washed Out, though. I’m interested to see how he’ll be recreating this record live.

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