Dum Dum Girls - Only In Dreams

“Coming Down” is the lead track from Dum Dum Girls’ forthcoming sophomore full-length Only In Dreams. It gives you a hint of the Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders vibe that percolates across the collection, though not as much as on other tracks (see “Bedroom Eyes,” “Just A Creep,” “In My Head,” etc.). Dee Dee, who we last heard from via a Jesus & Marcy Chain cover, calls the 6-minute song a “slowburner” and adds: “I won’t lie; it’s heart on sleeve. Have you ever numbed yourself to avoid pain only to oscillate between the subconscious and conscious?  Ever felt compelled to address Life itself? Things can be so awful but at least they can also be bliss.”

(via P4K)

Only In Dreams is out 9/27 via Sub Pop.

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  1. <3 Jesus & Marcy Chain
    #sorry #hadto

  2. Someone’s been listening to Mazzy Star. Still great, regardless.

  3. Cool, I’ve always thought it would be kind of blandly pleasant if Mazzy Star made another record, but with a singer who didn’t feel so damn sorry for herself (come back, Kendra, come back…)

    I like this one. But “He Gets Me High” was incandescent. I’ll be keeping my eye on these guys.

  4. This is their best song off the new album. You can see my review of it at http://www.yobigbro.com Mazzy Star incarnate.

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