Juliana Hatfield - There's Always Another Girl

Next month alt-rock icon Juliana Hatfield follows up last year’s Peace & Love with There’s Always Another Girl (a title that might sound familiar to Hatfield completists). While it’s an album “based on the concept of failure,” it exists thanks to the success of a campaign to get fans to fully fund the LP. Via Pledge Music Juliana offered artwork, demos, and even a guitar used on the album in exchange for donations to meet production costs. Here’s what the singer/songwriter/op-ed columnist had to say about the process:

“I really think that PledgeMusic and similar sites are the future of music, especially for people like me who have devoted cultish fanbases but who have never sold a boatload of records and don’t really fit in anywhere at major labels. Working with this new model, you go straight to the fans, who become your patrons, in a very direct and vital way. They have a special kind of access to you in a way that makes them happy – they see the progress of the album-making in real time with the video and audio updates I post at the PledgeMusic site. And I have total ownership of the music at all stages, present and future. I love working like this.”

The project has a charitable component as well. Juliana will be donating some of the money raised to animal shelters in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Salem. MA.

As for the new tunes, get your first listen to the twangy, pretty “Stray Kids” here:

Here’s the tracklist:
1. “Change The World”
2. “Taxicab”
3. “Don’t Wanna Dance”
4. “There’s Always Another Girl”
5. “Candy Wrappers”
6. “Someone Else’s Problem”
7. “Sex And Drugs”
8. “Stray Kids”
9. “Failure”
10. “Vagabond”
11. “And Again”
12. “Batteries”
13. “Wasting Time”
14. “Thousands Of Guitars”

There’s Always Another Girl is out 8/30 via Juliana’s own Ye Olde Records. So far only two live shows are scheduled in support — 8/26 at NYC’s City Winery and 8/27 at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall — so grab tickets while you can.

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  1. Congratulations to Juliana on the completion of her new album. And thank you, Stereogum for the preview. Juliana is the best, and I’m excitedly looking forward to the album’s release.

    - A Proud Pledger

  2. the new album will be a mix of styles so i wouldn’t judge it based on one track

  3. anyone else having a problem downloading this track… or is it just me?

  4. I like this song. It sounds like classic Juliana. I haven’t unfortunately really been keeping up with her since Beautiful Creature/Juliana’s Pony: Total System Failure, although I did note the song and video “This Lonely Love” from ’08′s How to Walk Away and her book When I Grow Up: A Memoir. I had mixed feelings about that song.

  5. The song downloads fine, but don’t right-click the link as they suggest. Just regular click it.

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