Diplo Disses Washed Out

Yesterday Diplo stopped dissing M.I.A. for a second to diss Washed Out’s Within And Without. As he punned via Twitter: “Washed out need to put some starch in the wash cause this Álbum sounds kinda limp.” Ditto this: When someone called Diplo a “douche bag” for the tweet he replied “d bag 4 being honest?” before stepping back a bit (“@hipsterrunoff why doesnt they get my chillwave sarcasm?”), and then eventually caving into chillwave pressure: “I like washed out doe i jus like bad puns more.” Turns out he also likes No Doubt:

Major Lazer No Doubt

As NJ Underground reports, No Doubt posted the above photo to their Twitter with the caption “@NoDoubt and @MajorLazer together [.]” They tweeted that they were working on “3 different songs 2nite in 3 different rooms in the same studio complex, all at once” and that “[l]ike magic, somehow it works.” No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont also tweeted that one of the tracks is called “Push and Shove.”

When not recanting disses or hanging with No Doubt, Diplo also helped introduce Legitmix, which as Pitchfork explains, is “a new platform that allows musicians to legally sample music from other sources — and sell it — without going through the sample-clearing process.” A larger explanation:

Diplo created a 40-minute Mad Legit mix to further illustrate how it works. A taste:

Get more info at Legitmix.

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  1. Diplo’s just mad because he lacks the emotional range to make anything as poignant as Within and Without

  2. At least he’s being honest. I can believe that he likes Washed Out to a point, but if a band you kinda sorta like makes an album that doesn’t meet your expectations for them, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with voicing that. There are a lot of mediocre chillwave albums; it’s okay, people will get over it.

  3. It’s funny because the album is better than anything Diplo has, and ever will, produce.

    • Seems like this is “just another inflammatory comment.” Don’t believe me? Just check out his Moombahton Mix.

      Haters gonna hate, but not only is the guy versatile, when he produces something, he does it WELL.

  4. Within and Without doesn’t have nearly enough marching drum snares, ear-bleeding synths, or tired-ass hand-claps for Diplo’s taste.

  5. the only thing that was limp was Diplo’s conviction.

  6. Wow, Diplo. You may have opinions, but that doesn’t mean you need to share them in such a forward way.

  7. Haha I thought it was a funny play on words.. and I like the album.

  8. in 4 years no one will have a clue who the fuck washed out is. it is of the moment. don’t think it has much depth. maybe diplo doesnt have much depth either, but his shit is much more original.

    • so you’re saying I should listen to more Washed Out, enjoy it while it lasts, cause I’m not going to remember who they are in four years?

      • it’s not like Diplo has made significant strides in music either. washed out made a record of original material. Diplo has only remixed original material since, what, 2005? What’s so original about remixing other artists?? That’s so Kanye.

  9. Typo: you called it “Legitimix” the first time you mentioned it. Just thought you’d like to know…

  10. google “Steven Wright”, LMAO

  11. does this matter? I like both of these artists quite a lot. This won’t stop me from listening to either of them.

  12. Wait, I’m confused. I thought Diplo was the band that writes music for the Blackberry commercials?

  13. Indeed it is a bad pun. I wouldn’t even call it a pun because it makes no sense. You starch when you IRON not WASH.

    Domestic coordinators, represent!

  14. I had to google who the hell Diplo was. He’s average at best.

  15. Diplo needs to step his game back up b4 dissin fools, he releases cool shit about 10% of the time

  16. What is a Diplo?

  17. diplo and ernest greene should probably wrestle to determine who’s cooler. preferably naked. meoooow!

  18. It’s fine if an artist isn’t blown away by someone else’s work, and it’s fine if they vocalize that.

    Can we talk about how great it is that No Doubt is recording new stuff? And that they’re working with Major Lazer? I mean, Rock Steady was 10 years ago, for christ’s sake.

  19. Diplo makes those extra-large Lego blocks for little kids, right?

  20. i cant stand his post mod songwriter bullshit. he’s a producer. no shame in being a producer.

  21. who cares ? diplo can make a comment about his musical tastes.

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