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Aside from some heavy rains on Thursday and some quick showers Sunday, the throngs at Worthy Farm this year enjoyed some of the best weather in Glastonbury history. In return, the impressive lineup — featuring headliners Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, and memorable sets from Blur, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Lily Allen, Spinal Tap, etc. — logged memorable sets throughout a weekend when the world paused to mourn Michael Jackson. Glasto’s Jacko tributes were nonstop, from MJ covers by the Streets, Dizzee Rascal, the Noisettes, and the Black Eyed Peas, to Lily Allen adorning her chest-baring outfit with a single white glove. The Boss continued his recent tear of onstage collaborations with artists that are clearly indebted to him (Arcade Fire, the Killers) and those less so (Phish) by performing “The ’59 Sound” with the Gaslight Anthem. (They belong in the former category.) But the weekend’s biggest buzz may belong to the reunited Blur, whose reportedly triumphant set was career spanning and NME stupefying. If you couldn’t make it to the UK for these reunion sets, the band’s making their upcoming Hyde Park shows available for professionally mixed and mastered download here. For now we’ve got Glastonbury in lots of pics, and we’ll update with video as it pops.

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  1. Thay were fucking ace,good to see em back

  2. It was honestly the greatest moment of my entire life. People were hugging and crying, singing along to every single song, greatest crowd I’ve ever been in. Damon ended up crying during This is a Low and then Graham stepped in to pick it up when Damon was choking up and they hugged after. The entire audience was like crowdsurfing and jumping up and down so much that it literally felt like the ground was shaking during Song 2, Popscene, and Parklife (which Phil Daniels joined them for). Graham absolutely destroyed on Trimm Trabb playing the entire bit behind his back.. During Tender which they did a, had to be like 10 or 12 minute version of, Damon kept smiling cause after it finished, we all just continued to sing the chorus, nearly everyone, and anytime the band left the stage people started up with it again and they came bacck for two encores and during The Universal they had a brass band and back up gospel choir thing going on and everyone in the audience just continued to sing for about 10 minutes after they left.

    It was absolutely the greatest moment of my life, with all due respect to Radiohead, who are indeed amazing, there’s only one band that can be called the greatest live band in the world today, and that’s Blur

    • YES
      This was my friend’s and my first Glastonbury before we all shoot off to different universities and such, so the weekend as a whole was sort of emotional, but Blur just stole it.
      It’s easy to forget how good the tunes are, and how they got every single person in the crowd so involved. Amazing end to a bloody amazing weekend.

  3. annie onymous  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    who covered what?

  4. Patricio  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    I live in the US so I had to settle for watching the BBC broadcast (thanks Internet underground for this) but it was so damn amazing . I am kind of biased because I have always loved Blur, but last night’s performance was simply memorable. I got watery-eyed quite a number of times besides the goosebumps and all the sentimental crap. I hope they tour the US soon (dont care where, I will go wherever) and hopefully they will release new material.
    I am SO HAPPY they’re back.

  5. Here’s 5 videos from their set -
    pass it on.

  6. wingedgopher  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    I’m a little disappointed to see that Nick Cave has shaved his ridiculous moustache.

  7. jjazznola  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    The idea that there is “the greatest live band in the world today” is kinda dumb. Your fave, sure but…. Myself, I love Blur but Radiohead are way more interesting.

  8. Congratulations Lady Gaga, pretty sure we can actually see your hoo-ha in one of those pics

  9. chrischke  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    karen o is one ugly bird.

  10. @Patricio
    Where did you find vids? I have mp3 rips of the blur show, but all the vid links are unfinished or UK only webcasts. Too lazy to setup UK proxy…did you find the vids on iRC? What an amazing show! i saw them a few years ago @ Giants Stadium and they were great then as well!


  11. Shea  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    Karen O looks like Yoshimitsu from Tekken.

  12. Blur can finally continue where they left off… new material!!

  13. tommy  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    Is that Lily Allen or Bat for Lashes in those photos? I seriously can’t tell. And that bothers me…

  14. Apexa  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    That first picture of Karen O. is just so epic.

  15. Man I wish I could have been there. Glastonbury had a killer line-up and some legendary moments. Seeing Blur live again is just epic. Hopefully they’ll play some shows over here. Going to Rock Werchter myself thursday. I can only hope there will be some moments like that over there. Maybe next year I’ll go to Glastonbury as well.

  16. WTF, Karen O?

  17. Terry's Golden Ingots  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2009 0

    Mogwai is probably pissed.

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