M.I.A. & Amy Winehouse

Immediately after news broke of Amy Winehouse’s death, “27 Club” became a trending topic on Twitter: the singer had passed away at that same legendary age as many of rock’s other tragic figures. In memory of Amy and “all her friends that died at 27,” M.I.A. shared a demo of “27,” a song recorded before her Vicki Leekx mix from end of December, but never released. Audio and lyrics below.

said your all mouth and no brains
all rock stars go to heaven
you said you’ll be dead at 27 seven
when we drunk in a English tavern
the owner poured you the Bourbon
and you drunk your self so rotten
so he got so rich he bought a Bentley
and moved himself to Devon

you started dirty dancing
and you bar tended a dozen
i took you to the clinic
to get you clean but you couldn’t
said in 2 days ur 27 and and ur destiny was comin
so ur papa passed so sudden
and left you with lil somin

you blew that money on a mountain of drugs
and staged your self a bed in
a month later when i popped in
your still high but the winter set in
i bought you a coffee and a muffin
and you quoted me some Lenin
i wished i was that clever
but thats what kept me coming
your friendship did mean somin
but you left me for nothin
when i left, you befriended a rope
and i saw you both were hanging.

Comments (13)
  1. It’s a very nice song with deep lyrics. It’s almost eerie how many famous musicians have died at 27…

  2. i wish m.i.a. was more clever with her lyrics as well

  3. Should’ve been left on cutting room floor… Hookless

  4. yes its tragic she died…..but most people that are known for being in the 27 club did something to music that was revolutionizing im still trying to figure out what she did if anything at all

  5. whatever really. let’s capitalize on the death of a boring ‘musician’

    • why the quotations? She could sing and in a generation of productions tricks, her record will sound alot less dated then the protools mess people generally pass off as music in the” indie music scene”.

  6. That was goddamn awful.

    Sometimes it seems like M.I.A. has absolutely no sense for what sounds good.

  7. It’s a demo released for free in memory of someone who died. Tough crowd.

  8. M.I.A makes such shitty music.

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