CANT - Dreams Come True

CANT is the solo project of Grizzly Bear bassist/producer Chris Taylor to which we were introduced via “Ghosts” (and its Class Actress remix). Now you can check out the haunting, 808s-and-heartbreaking, Twin Shadow-assisted album cut “Answer.”

Dreams Come True is out via Terrible Records stateside and Warp in the UK 9/12 and 9/13 respectively.

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  1. This is good shit. Dude covers a lot of ground stylistically

  2. a little disappointed with this in light of “ghosts” but still looking forward to the album. chris taylor definitely has a cohesive vision i’m sure.

  3. I thought Can was spelled all caps, but wikipedia says “no it is not” so I guess Chris Taylor is not tipping hats at Can? If the hats aren’t being tipped at Can, WHERE ARE THEY TIPPING??

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