M. Blash directed the video for “Money,” the first single from the Drums’ sophomore release Portamento. Check it out below.

Portamento is out 9/12 via Island.

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  1. The worst lyrics I have heard in a really long time, also, why does the singer put on such a gormless vancant face, or maybe….!?

    • Or maybe he’s being honest? I had to look up the definition of “gormless” and smiled to find out that it basically means stupid. One of their earlier singles is called “I Feel Stupid” and I get this inclination that had you heard older songs by The Drums, you wouldn’t be calling this song “the worst lyrics [you've] heard in a really long time” — because let me tell, the Drums got a bunch of dumb hooks.

      But that’s why I like them. They make breezy, catchy pop songs. It’s sometimes difficult to make a very intelligent and thought-through lyric as catchy as “I don’t have any money.” Or: “I wanna go surfing” Or: “It’s forever, baby it’s forever.” Or: “I wanna fuck you like an animal.” oh whoops! anyway, that’s my point.

      • I agree. It can’t always be great lyrics and great melody and this is what really sets the great song writers apart from the rest. It just seems to me that he believes he’s the coolest person to walk the planet and I have seen interviews where he gives that vibe off also. That’s a pretty big kind of ego to put out there and if you write lyrics that are so bad they are retarded then maybe you should cool your jets a little.
        Just saying :-)

  2. Catchy song from a pretty good band, still this song sounds like someone mashed up The Smiths with Erasure. They could have picked a better lead single– the other songs can’t be this mediocre.

  3. Good to see Gareth from the British version of The Office is keeping busy.

  4. one of my fave songs of the year. so carefree and fun.

  5. Wow, lots of pretension in the comments section for what is a fun, catchy pop song that is also coupled with a nice sound and great vocals. It’s okay to just enjoy a song for what it is and not bash it because the aim of the band isn’t a deeper meaning with thought provoking lyrics. In other words, some of you need to take a chill pill.

  6. It’s a really great song, but let’s all agree that this music video was useless.

  7. the song IS catchy, and if he wasn’t egotistical and pretentious then he wouldn’t be doing his best Morressey impression.

    but to the more important question…why the hell is he wearing a black trench-coat? Is it not summer where they live? i mean, we’ve had triple digits here since may, and no matter how fashionable i’m trying to be i would never put myself through that much pain. i’d rather slit my….OH! i get it.

  8. First they aped The Cure, now it’s on to The Smiths. Crossing my fingers that album #3 brings us Bono!

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