It’s that time in the cycle where all the Class of ’06 BTWs start making noise again. Yesterday the Twilight Sad dropped another sliver from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, today it’s their classmates (and fellow OKX alum) Slaraffenland introducing their next set with the appropriately billed “Meet And Greet.” The Danish melodramatists — recent recipients of a grant from Denmark’s Art Council that should keep them playing and touring for a good while — are in fine form on the new LP’s lead track, plying handclaps, horns, group vocals, and peripheral bits of ambient electronics to a bed of pulsing post-Kid A art rock. There’s a mix of moods, optimistic yet crestfallen, to the “I know what will take your side” chant. Danes are complex characters.

We’re On Your Side is out 9/15 via Hometapes.

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  1. Stereogum, are you saying that your BTW ’06 class is the best you’ve had?

    I say it because I absolutely love both bands you mention here. I did not discover either of them through that feature, though. Maybe I should go through the BTW archives of 06, see what else is there!

    And yes, I am extremely excited about this album as well. Bring on these awesome danes!

  2. pithcforksux  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2009 0

    Mew > Slaraffenland

  3. Turd Ferguson  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2009 0

    Mew is one letter away from “meh” for a reason.

  4. Kasper  |   Posted on Aug 24th, 2009 0

    Your name is Turd for a reason

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