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What a week. We said goodbye to Amy Winehouse, paid tribute to Is This It, then said goodbye to Brandon (but you’re welcome to stick around, Opethheads (“100%CLEAN VOx OMG!!!!1!” -Opethheads)). The response to last week’s inaugural “Week’s Best/Worst Comments” was strong, so we’re gonna do it again right now. Based on your suggestions, we’ve also got three clever candidates for a column name. Check those out along with the highest and lowest ranked comments of the week below.

- Sterethumb suggested by under glad
- {Plus/Minus} suggested by raptor jesus
- Shut Up, Dude suggested by James Jobes

Let us know which you like best and we’ll make it official next week.



Ian Grant | Jul 26th Score:16

Real Estate. Barely Legal.

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#4 byers | Jul 23rd Score:16

“Like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix, Winehouse was 27 years old.”

And that’s where the similarity ends.

Posted in: R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Adam Ward | Jul 23rd Score:18

I, too, struggle to care about more than one thing at once. Fuck off.

Posted in: R.I.P. Amy Winehouse
#2 djfreshie | Jul 26th Score:29

Good point! Please advise me on my relationship too…we went on our first date in October, but didn’t consummate the relationship until December. When should we celebrate? Also she’s a massive bitch. Please advise.

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#1 Chris Trash | Jul 22nd Score:41

I was disappointed that Stereogum didn’t cover the leaked Watch the Throne album cover.

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Brendan Boehning | Jul 23rd Score:-21
90 people dead in Norway. Who cares?
Posted in: R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

[Editor's note: See this week's #3 comment.]


Frank Lloyd Wrong | Jul 27th Score:15

Can’t wait for the remix by Duplo.

Posted in: Watch A Lego Version Of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” Video Because Why Not


Ian Grant | Jul 26th Score:16

Real Estate. Barely Legal.

Posted in: Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It

[Editor's note: Nailed it.]

Comments (26)
  1. Yep, this feature makes about as much sense as expected.

  2. With HTC gone, will Stereogum still cover metal?

  3. I would just like to thank everyone for this opportunity to ruin Stereogum. Also Real Estate did an awesome job.

  4. Sad to see Brandon go. But I guess he’ll still be on the Innernette, so that’s a plus.

    Speaking of plus! (I’m sorry!) I wanted to not be that person that votes for their own idea and instead vote for the Das Racist name, but then I realized I am that person that would vote for his own idea, so I’ll vote for {Plus/Minus} for the name of the column (I’ll be a happy camper regardless).

    Also, I think I’ll be calling Diplo Duplo forever now, THX FLW!

    • I vote for {Plus/Minus} too, and I’m not even the person who came up with it!
      (Granted, I know nothing about this {Plus/Minus} person/band thing, I just like this one the most.)

  5. Can I vote for Shut Up, Dude as the name? I am voting for Shut Up, Dude as the name.

  6. I cast my vote for “Shut Up, Dude”.
    Someone said this last week, but I just feel like echoing him: I hope this doesn’t lead to a YouTube-like mentality.

  7. well maybe it should be called “fucking right, dude!”

  8. Can we not just make the gold toilet a weekly occurrence?

    • There are so many things I don’t understand about this picture. The fact that the toilet is gold is actually the easiest thing to accept. But what is with the filing cabinet? and is the toilet paper dispenser coin operated? Why are there two waste baskets next to it? Why does it look like people just pee on the lid of the smaller one? Why do you guys keep posting pictures of my bathroom on the internet?

  9. I like Shut Up, Dude

  10. I feel like this is too late, but I have a title suggestion.


    like Beth/rest – the best comments and then the rest? No? Ok. I’ll go away now.

  11. I vote for Shut Up, Dude

  12. people are just going to use the best/worst section to try and get on next week’s best/worst section.

    OMGGG @rcade fireee!!!1!!! amirite?????!

  13. i reckon stereogummers will never try as hard as videogummers (we are just not such a tryhard bunch-whoopz) but hopefully these comments will improve. I’ll do my part on that.

  14. Can we disqualify comments that just boil down to “I like this song”?

  15. “Sterethumb suggested by under glad” – I’m happy just to have suggested one of the possible names and am grateful for anyone just slightly thinking about voting for that one. But seriously – WTF DUDES?!? “Sterethumb”? Don’t you want my suggestion to win?! W-T-F. It’s “Stereothumbs”. Notice the “o” and the “s”. The “s”, well, sure we could lose that one, even though it’s kind of smart because, as I said, it’s thumbs we’re clicking to vote. But the “o”? You can’t lose the “o”, man. “Stere”? I don’t even know what that is. Well, j/k, happy for the nomination. But it’s “underglad”. One word. Not “under glad”. That’s two words. Are you even taking this seriously? No wonder people are voting for that other lameass suggestion “Shut up, dude”. Nah, still joking. It’s a great suggestion. A bit low class and nerdy, has kind of a Pitchforky (that’s still a bad thing, right?) ring to it, but still a great suggestion. Not like “Ste… okay I’ll stop. (Vote for StereOthumbS!)

  16. The fact that you guys even want to turn this into a column is the most pretentious hipster-esque thing I’ve seen all year..

    • Every single one of your comments is bitching about Stereogum’s content. Well, except for one where you’re defending Coldplay.

      Let’s review a few gems from your comment history…
      “How arrogant and self-obsessed have alternative music publications become? And btw, this list totally sucks.”
      “Horrible idea.”
      “Just goes to show you that white hipsters stay losing ignoring authentic music made by black artists.”
      “Dear Science is overrated.”
      “There’s a ridiculously pathetic pretentious Catch 22 with indie music fans…”

      Why don’t you find another website to whine on? Or in your words: “Fuck out of here with that bullshit.”

  17. dude. awesome. WHERE’S MY FREE SHOES?!?!?!

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