Death Cab For Cutie 2011

Looks like we’ll have to update our master list of every song Death Cab have covered. The band’s been playing “Twisterella” from British shoegazers Ride’s 1992 album Going Blank Again on their current tour, and recently they performed it in studio for the BBC. Take a listen:

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Codes And Keys is out now via Atlantic.

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  1. One of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite bands.
    They did a much better job with Bjork’s “All is full of love”, the poppy energy is missing from this one.

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  3. kinda hate everything about this…(it’s classic Ben Gibberd neutered) …EXCEPT for the fact it will sell a few Ride cd’s n help spread the word of their existence, so ‘yayzeez!’ ?

  4. I actually really liked this. Sounds like a more enthusiastic, young Gibbard. I’ve never actually heard the original so I can’t be like, “Ah fuck this, it shames Ride.”

  5. I had to sign up as a user here just to vent my utter displeasure at this cover of an awesome song.
    I agree with Davey Pant above, though. More people need to hear the original stuff.

  6. Thanks Ben Gibbard for turning an amazing song by an amazing band into a generic piece of crap. It sounds like they’re just going through the motions here. No feeling behind the song whatsoever. Now I have to pull out my Going Blank Again LP and wash this pap out of my ears.

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  8. If all you DCFC fans want to come on here and give a thumbs down to all the comments not praising this awful remake, then why don’t you leave a comment of your own?

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