tUnE-yArDs On Fallon

You could see this tUnE-yArDs performance on Fallon with Questlove and Black Thought coming from a year-and-a-half away, when @Questo tweeted “omfg!!!!! watching tune-yards on stage now. this is some of the GREATEST ish I’ve seen in a minute!!!!” from the Bowery show the bands played together in November of ’09. Last night, Merrill Garbus did w h o k i l l’s propulsive funk show-stopper “Gangsta” with some added backbeat muscle compliments of the Roots’ bandleader and style/verse compliments of the Roots’ rapper. Hat tip to the Fallon music staff for continued good booking but also for thoughtful camera angles on Merrill’s feet working those loop pedals, which probably helped avoid confusion in some households, and sell loop pedals in others.

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  1. I love tune yards, but I don’t know if I love this. On one hand you have completely abstract (Tune Yards) and on the other you have completely linear (The Roots). It just wasn’t a marriage to me.

  2. Probably my least favorite song on the album, or at least among them. And much of the fun of tune-yards live is watching her build the song up from nothing. The additional drummer and the cymbals kind of detract from that. Kind of a fun version if you’ve heard the song or seen it live, but not a version I’d use to introduce people to tune-yards.

  3. It’s kind of weird how the above picture of Merrill Garbus kind of looks like Jimmy Fallon.

  4. That awkward moment when Jimmy and Merrill almost kiss.

  5. I thought it was a great performance….. apologies for going against the grain

  6. She’s great. And I love that loop pedal trickery. I’ve got the same pedal, it’s so fun and intuitive. I can’t work it nearly as seamlessly as her though.

    • I dig tUnE-yArDs’ music.

      But in regard to the looping- there is absoultely no “trickery” or complicated stuff going on here. She simply looped one pass and layered over it in the same measure while it looped. Then she steps it off (like a singer/guitarist turns off a distortion pedal, delay pedal, ANY pedal) and steps the same loop back on for the other “choruses”. Don’t get me wrong – I like that she loops, I’m a looper myself…but she’s not really doing impressive with it.
      It’s like some people that hear multiple Merrill voices and aren’t musicians themselves assume that what she’s doing with the loops involves a lot of talent, but not here. There are more impressive unknown loopers on youtube that are making videos in their bedroom. There’s also Beardy Man (shitty freestyler but great beatboxer and looper), Keller Williams (great multi-instrumentalist and looper, not a ton of variety in his music, though)…Imogen Heap and Feist have been looping live for years, if anyone here cares and is unaware…

  7. It’s too bad that I can’t watch this.

    *Cough, cough – region locking – cough*

  8. There’s a dude I work with (who mostly listens to the hippity-hops) who was like, “Hey, do you like The Tune Yards?” And I was like, “Hmm I haven’t really listened to them.” Then he was like, “They were on Fallon. Let’s watch this video.” And we were both like, “Awesome!”

    Gotta love bands like this, getting time on the late night shows.

    • Jimmy’s is looking like the place to be. Connan started strong with the music guests but has since cooled off, Jimmy continues bringing in lots of good buzz bands though.

  9. Pretentious hipster drivel. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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