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Best Coast - "Our Deal" Video

Here’s the complete version of the previously reported and teased video Drew Barrymore directed for Best Coast’s “Our Deal.” It stars Chloë Moretz looking like Marnie Stern in a touching West Side story with great use of graffiti and handwriting and celebrity cameos (like Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove, and Donald Glover). Being willing to engage with your feelings while watching is recommended, unless you are an antisentimentalist in which case avoiding it is recommended:

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  1. aw man. aw man. I was seriously like, this video is going to be the absolute worst. I had my comment all ready, “this is the worst.” But then I watched it and everyone is so good looking, and I was actually pretty bummed about the ending. So many attractive indie-ish celebrities and knife-fights in the LA river. Good job, Drew Barrymore.

  2. they styling and look is nice, but what terrible editing.

  3. Chloe Moretz?! When the hell did she grow up?

  4. donald glover + best coast = super terrific

  5. Why would you write across the corner of a wall like that? Why not just write everything all on one wall, so as to avoid confusion and avoid tragedies such as this? My disbelief, she is grounded.

  6. the editing was fucking terrible, made the song sound tacked-on after the fact. awful music video, I don’t care how good everyone looked. pure shit. this would fit in well on MTV … if they showed videos.

  7. Aw! Brought a tear to my eye. I loved the casting… Chloe is the best.

  8. so sad! womp woooommmmmmp. i love this song and the design was cool, but i agree with eddie that the editing was wonky.

  9. I’m just gonna predict Chole will be hot in about 4 years.

  10. The video kinda makes me lol, but I love that song too much to hate it. I can’t believe that’s the same little girl from Kick Ass.

  11. Isn’t Donald Glover to old to be playing with a bunch of angsty teens?

  12. at 2:45 there is someone literally breakdance fighting..

  13. Can’t wait to see this video in a little box next to the credits after my fav MTV reality show. That’s how I hear about new indierock. That and from using Shazam to find the names of songs played over new the sad parts on Jersey Shore.

  14. is this posted elsewhere? apparently mtv does not support the region of new zealand…. :(

  15. It’s better than the music video for Crazy For You, at least! I’ll take strange editing, street fights, and 50′s-60′s esque costumes over LOLcats anyday.

  16. thought the editing was fine

  17. They killed amanda cosgrove? Video of the Year.

  18. ahhh im obsessed! chloe is gonna be so awesome.

  19. Yeah, I thought the teaser looked better — editing was pretty shoddy.

  20. I’m really annoyed at the girl with the big earrings during the fight. Even I know to take your damn earrings off in a fight, and I grew up in farm country. Isn’t that the first lesson in Girl Gang 101?

  21. This was really weird, I mean, I thought that the idea was good and the development of the history too but somehow I feel like the atmosphere and the film itself is not right.

  22. QUALITY work all around for the actors, director, crew, writers, choreographers.
    Very well done, especially the surprise ending.
    This video made the song BETTER.

  23. do people breakdance in the middle of fights?

  24. I loved the song. I love the actors and I am a huge fan of Drew Barrymore, but holy crap, do we really have to glorify gang violence to such a degree. This video trivializes a massive social ill that claims the lives of way too many of our youth. It is also very derivitive of other works, West Side Story, for one. It made me a little sick to see these rich cool celebs play at being gangsters.

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