In a flurry of post-Cinemax/Late Show Horehound activity, we have crystal-clear pro-style black and white video of the band doing the dubbed-out “Cut Like A Buffalo” along with footage of them visiting United Record Pressing in Nashville to the strains of “Will There Be Enough Water?” to announce an album-associated contest that I can explain more about in a moment. All the while, the White’s avoiding “becoming a slave to modernity.” More on that, too.

“I Cut Like A Buffalo”

“Will There Be Enough Water?”

The info on the contest:

[W]hen you pick up your copy of Horehound in the US on July 14th, you and a guest have a chance to win a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to visit Third Man Records. Find one of the six photo booth strips that are located in copies of Horehound to unlock the prize…

You can find one in five different CDs and one in a vinyl copy. (So your changes are higher if you go digital.) As far the modernity thing, the Guardian has a piece on the band that makes a to do about White being “a poster boy for 21st-century Luddism” because he and his band mates find “the age of Twitter, Facebook and smoking bans” to be depressing. To illustrate this life philosophy, White’s “one of the few famous musicians to still record albums on analogue tape,” doesn’t own a cell phone, and thinks people text to much. To quote Dead Weather, variously:

“I want to be part of the resurgence of things that are tangible, beautiful and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age,” [White] explains. “But when I talk to people about this they just say, ’Yeah, I know what you mean,’ and stare at their mobiles. The general vibe I get is: ’Quit being a drag. We’re progressing here.’”

“I’ve gone on lunches with people that haven’t looked up from their iPhones,” adds [Alison] Mosshart. “You feel like you’re having lunch on your own.”

“It’s only a matter of time before the world gets sick of reading some shithead’s comments on a messageboard,” reflects [Jack] Lawrence, quietly.

But … White’s Third Man Records is starting a subscription service that offers pre-sales, exclusive streaming video, exclusive messages from the bands, exclusive photos (does anyone care about these?), chat rooms (ditto), etc. You can go Premium for $7 a month or $20 for platinum. They suggest you sign-up to depressing Twitter so you can receive regular depressing updates. Find out more at the website for Third Man, digital age.

A non-Twitter reminder: Horehound is out 7/14 via Third Man/Warner Bros.

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  1. Understood  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 0

    I understand what they are saying, i just wish people wouldn’t feel like they have to be one extreme or the other.

    I enjoy downloading music, but I also like the records that I have on vinyl. I don’t buy everything on vinyl, just the albums that I know I want to keep around for a long time. Typically, I buy about 2/3 of my music on cds, and of that, about 1/3 on vinyl.

    I hear what they are saying about iPhones though. So often i am scrolling through Twitter and I see someone tweet sitting here enjoying a bottle of wine at :::insert trendy winebar::: It makes you wonder if they can have any fun anymore. It is kind of sad.

  2. Stop criticizing my awesome wine bar tweets. You know you love them.

  3. So can you be against the Digital Age and still have your tracks on Myspace ?
    Can you have a social conscious and allow your content to benift and give value to media companes that have core behavior that is not aligned with anything but their own self intrest ?

    Can you criticize the digiatl age while takeing full adavantage of the medium and reaping the finanical rewards for it ?

  4. Andrew  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 0

    I like how Jack has become the indie Willy Wonka with the “golden” photo strips. Just remember if you win to stay away from the river made of vinyl, but if you fall in Meg White will suck you out!

  5. DL  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 0

    That’s actually United Record Pressing in the video, making a record for Third Man Records.

  6. Sorry, Jack White. All I can afford as a recording musician still in college is Pro Tools and a shitty Radio Shack mic.

  7. Shithead  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 0


    A four track tape recorder costs less than Pro Tools and you can use the money you save to buy a better mic. But I get what you’re saying. and I get what Jack white’s saying too…. to bad Human beings are collectively incapable of balance. Since the dawn of time through the Analog age and in to the shitty digital one, We are and shall remain our biggest problem with the world. We deserve ourselves. Happy 4th everyone!

    • They may be cheaper, but I certainly don’t feel like a felon recording digitally. And yeah, I see his point as well. If he wants to stick to his ways, stick to his ways. And just the night before, I while I ate dinner with 4 or 5 co-workers, at one time, at least three of them were on the their cell phones. *sigh*

  8. wish Jack White would get start focusing 100% again on the Stripes. I really miss the White Blood Cells/Elephant era before he was a “rock god”

  9. I’m sorry, I fell asleep during that 7-minute video tour of a record plant. Did I miss anything?

  10. rocknroll41  |   Posted on Jul 8th, 2009 0

    …and why is jack white going willy wonka on us!!!

  11. Radio Zero  |   Posted on Jul 9th, 2009 0

    I think something is up with Meg….they announced that The White Stripes would be recording sooner rather than later…and then Jack jumps into The Dead Weather….maybe she wants to back away and concentrate on being Patti Smith’s daughter in law for a while…

  12. teck dawg  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2009 0

    If Jack White wants to walk it like he talks it he should stop using his Digitech Whammy pedal and paying people to facebook and twitter his shitty bands.

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