Busdriver Does Animal Collective

If you’re a Busdriver fan, this is probably too reverent a cover for you. Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs classic “Leaf House” is here in the hands of the quickfire rap specialist, but it’s not really in his mouth at all. Sure, Busdriver sings out those melodies and ascending/descending scalar runs set to a more punchy, Loden-produced take on the original’s tribal-psych movement. But if you’re expecting an infusion of tongue twirling lyrical schemes, you will be disappointed. The single’s b-side is the Flying Lotus produced “Lady Place,” which is a space where Busdriver will likely operate with less self-imposed constraints. For now, though, for those seeking an alternately produced/vocalized version of “Leaf House,” here is this:

(via busdriverse.com)

Comments (7)
  1. I’m glad he cut out all the best parts

  2. he really ruins the vocals. which are really the only important part of this song :(

  3. I completely disagree…I love it when he sings. He did a song with Nocando where he sang the entire hook and I’ve been hoping ever since that he would delve into more croon-heavy material and this song just makes me swoon.

  4. Some people should chill out a bit. It is supposed to be a fun rendition, and it really is.

  5. Yeah it was a nice twist. AC probably isn’t the easiest band to cover originally and well

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