Fort Lean - "Perfect"

NYC-based quintet Fort Lean met in college, playing music together in various combinations until this year, when they became the band whose video is embedded below. Their rhythm section is plugged into a broader music dialogue: drummer Sam Ubl is a music critic, bassist Jake Aron is a producer/engineer who has worked alongside Chris Taylor on some of his past Terrible Records conquests. Guitarist Zach Fried tells us they “part of [Himanshu Suri of Das Racist's] Greedhead family, which is like Odd Future except older, fatter, and less controversial.” (Lead singer/guitarist Keenan Mitchell and Will Runge round out the group.) They’re an actual rock band, if you’re into that sort of thing, of the post-millennial (i.e. post-Strokes/Walkmen) NYC order, with a synth in the mix and hooks that, for starters, show promise. They released a free EP to Bandcamp in April. From it comes “Perfect,” the track rendered here in shots — directed by Andrei Bowden-Schwartz and Ted Feldman at Matchbook Pictures — of stock market tickers, a fly visiting a bird carcass, dandelions, and other assorted, fuzzy ephemera. Watch:

Take it:

Download Fort Lean’s free, four-track EP over at Bandcamp. If you’re around Brooklyn on August 27th, swing by Glasslands, where they’ll be opening for Male Bonding and Love Inks.

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  1. this is corny. typical white boy rock ala early 2000′s. really gum? this is a reversion, a defeat for all the good new music coming out. seems sort of uncharacteristic for you guys… been really into all your new finds, but this is a step backward…

  2. yeah not sure i am into “that sort of thing”, that is “actual rock bands”. although throwing a synth in the mix makes them a little less conventional right? haha that will set ‘em apart. this is a lame video with 5 images repeated, who made that choice?

  3. I am totally impressed by how they have balanced technical elements and singularity and turned out music that is very enjoyable for people who aren’t looking to analyze their use of synth or their place in the context of the newest of the new. That being said, I do know many people who do pay attention to the more technical musical and social aspects of music and are also into Fort Lean.

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