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If you enjoyed Lenses Alien’s 8 mnute Polvo-meets-shoegaze opener “Rifle Sight (Proper Name)” and the shorter but no less ambitious “Definite Darkness,” you definitely want Cymbals Eat Guitars’ entire John Agnello-produced sophomore LP when it’s out 8/30. Today we’re giving away a unique prize package that includes not just the album, but a whole bunch of limited edition swag including a custom guitar pedal.

One of you lucky readers will receive:

  • Lenses Alien on four formats: CD, LP, MP3 and FLAC
  • Lenses Alien LP test pressing
  • Lenses Alien limited-edition cassette
  • Limited edition t-shirt
  • Two buttons
  • A unique (only twenty exist!) guitar pedal created by the band. Info & video below.

The smallsound/bigsound Poly-Grace is a mystery fuzz pedal with highly interactive controls that can create a variety of damaged sounds. Easily achievable “tame” fuzz tones give way to unpredictable sonic behaivior with the flick of a switch or the twist of a knob: heavy psych bass fuzz tones, shoegaze textures, volume swells, octave jumping, weird gurgles and buzzsaw sustain…

For the technically-minded, the Poly-Grace is an interesting pedal; it contains a bypass-able transistor fuzz section, a unique IC fuzz section as the heart of the circuit and a push-pull output stage with selectable voltage – making it a mini-amplifier in itself that will power a speaker! Plug it into a 4 or 8 ohm speaker cab for amplification from speaking to shouting volume suitable for studio recording or just playing at home. The circuit reacts slightly differently whether being used as a speaker driver or as a pedal… so experiment!

Pretty cool. All you have to do to enter is (1) be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook, and (2) comment with your favorite Cymbals Eat Guitars song via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). We’ll pick a winner from the comments posted here, at random. Deadline to enter is 8/29 at 5:30PM EST. Have your comment logged by then, and you’re in.

Comments (252)
  1. Plainclothes. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out this live video in Seattle —

  2. ..And The Hazy Sea

  3. And the Hazy Sea

  4. Wind Phoenix

  5. Wind Phoenix fer sure!!

  6. Some Trees (Merritt Moon)

  7. My favourite is still Share. it’s such a patient track that slowly builds and builds to a glorious climax, calming down just to end with an upbeat outro

  8. Wind Phoenix (Proper Name)

  9. What Dogs See

  10. Cold Spring

  11. Living North.

  12. Currently “The Current”

  13. Parents holding hands with Pale Death’s infants
    Shivering on the courthouse steps in polyester robes
    and exposed boonnee theeerrrmalls.
    Cold Spring fah life.

  14. Some Trees (Merritt Moon)

  15. Tunguska (Bonus Track)

  16. Ballad Of Big Nothing

  17. “Another Tunguska”

  18. Shore Lines.

  19. Keep me waiting – the transitions are next level.

  20. Wind Phoenix (Proper Name)

  21. And the Hazy Sea. … This has to be one of the best tracks of 2009.

  22. COLD SPRING!!!

  23. Definite Darkness

  24. Like Blood Does is a great song & a great song title.

  25. Definite Darkness

  26. Definite Darkness

  27. Definite Darkness

  28. And the Hazy Sea

  29. …And the Hazy Sea

  30. Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)

  31. So far? “Living North”

  32. Some Trees (Merrit Moon)

  33. And The Hazy Sea

  34. Wind Phoenix

  35. …and the hazy sea

  36. Cold Spring!

  37. …And the Hazy Sea

  38. Wind Phoenix

  39. Cold Spring (Of the 11/18/09 Daytrotter session, specifically)

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