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Feist’s followup to the coffee shop-conquering LP The Reminder is called Metals. That’s a somewhat less café baiting title, though the only thing really metal about the warm, tenderly smokey lead single “How Come You Never Go There” is how it’s probably going to help the record go Gold or Platinum when everyone who liked her last album is pleased with how this sounds and buys it for their chill out playlist. It is Feisty. Hear it:

Metals is out 10/4 via Cherrytree/Interscope in the US, 10/3 in the UK via Polydor, 10/4 in Canada via Arts&Crafts. There are many “vignettes” from the album posted at Feist’s YouTube.

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  1. Hmm, underwhelmed on this track. This strikes me as more of a regular album cut than a lead single. Hopefully there are some hookier tracks in the mix.

  2. I want to marry you, Leslie.

  3. her voice is sooo goooddd, I can’t get enought with that voice, gotta love this new track, so jazzy and chill. FEIST BACK

  4. “It is Feisty.” I see what you did there, Stereogum.

  5. I’m so looking forward to this album and the new Girls album…looks like the last half of 2011 is gonna be wayyyy better than the first!!! (with the special exception of PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”)

    • nothing against Feist (or Girls for that matter) but did you have cotton in your ears for the first half of 2011 Fucked Up, Gang Gang Dance, Yuck, The Men, Tombs, Bon Iver, Shabazz Palaces, OFWGKTA, Cold Cave, Krallice, Juliana Barwick, Burzum, WU LYF, Cults?????? yeah thank god for Feist she’s saving 2011.

  6. I like Feist so much I up voted all the positive posts.

  7. This sounds like Feist covering a Wilco Sky Blue Sky B-Side. I mean that in a good way.

    • I love that comment, I hadn’t thought that initially but, now that you mention it, it does sound like a Sky Blue Sky B-side.

  8. I think Feist is starting to sound like Norah Jones.

  9. I really love the Metals cover. It is beautifully epic, clever (the “F” tree) and artistic at the same time. Thumbs up for Leslie!

  10. Kinda looks like half the commenters here were paid to comment.
    Lovely song though.

  11. The reason I never go there is because there always playin crap like this.

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  13. Feist is one of the planker, just found out she was planking on that “F” tree branch!! Like this song, as always a glamourous frenchy style….

  14. I like the track more after a few plays. I think it’s more of a tease for the album than a single. I’d be shocked if this is it.

  15. I hope Feist throws us a fun/dance track like Inside & Out like in Let It Die. I always prefer that one to The Reminder. No idea why.

  16. good, solid tune. nothing to hate here.

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