Here’s the video for RHCP’s first single from I’m With You, and their first single with Josh Klinghoffer as guitarist, “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie.” It is directed by Kreayshawn (yes that Kreayshawn). [UPDATE: This video was in fact directed by Mark Klasfeld. Kreayshawn's has been shelved indefinitely. Says Flea: "for those asking, the kreayshawn vid just didnt work out, that happens sometimes, i think kreayshawn is awesome and a great artist."] The clip features the Chilis lost in a rooftop jam in Venice Beach with a crowd gathering in the streets the Beatles and U2 style. It also features Anthony Keidis’s mustache and OFF! hat.

I’d do a photo caption contest but “Take OFF! that ridiculous mustache” seems like the only real option. (No disrespect to Keith Morris.) RHCP’s I’m With You, their 10th LP, is out 8/30 via Warner Bros. and has Damien Hirst-designed cover art.

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  1. The mixing of this song makes it so hard to watch it like it’s a “live” performance.

  2. Freddy Mercury ‘stash FTW! <3

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Aug 17th, 2011 0

    is this really the best they could do? referring to both the song and the video. if the talent of your band quit, why keep going? because this isn’t creative or enjoyable for anybody.

    • It doesn’t suck at all, but it can easily be tossed in a pile with 100 other RHCP songs that have used the same formula since roughly 1995:

      1. Band jam.
      2. Kledis gets out his rhyming dictionary.
      3. Staccato talk/singing and clever words in the verses, drawn-out syllables and simple words in the chorus.
      4. Fix Kledis’ vocals and smooth out the mix for radio.
      5. Ship platinum.

      Maybe if they even just switched it up for once and put the drawn-out syllables in the verses and the staccato talk-singing into the choruses, it might sound a little more novel.

  4. The song isn’t their best, but to say all the talent left this band is absolutely ridiculous. Flea is one of the best bassists of ALL-TIME and Chad Smith has been one of the most underrated drummers since BloodSugarSexMagik. Yes, they no doubt miss Frusciante but this incarnation is still a solid B/B+, which is better than a lot of drivel out there today.

  5. California? What a change of setting.

    This song is just too mellow, to the point where it isn’t interesting to listen to. And the chorus is just lazy.

  6. It’s good for like the first minute, then you get the ol’ “sheila/memorabilia” and you go “…” and then you hit the chorus and you turn it off.

  7. Guh, why is Anthony almost 50 and still better looking than most guys my age?! :D

  8. Thank you for the ban in Bulgaria. Yet again I feel like I’m on Mars. And yes, I’ll definitely will download this illegally. Just because they don’t sell music on Mars. F**kers.

  9. I think the argument that “Flea is a talented bassist” is no longer an excuse for this band to keep making music.

  10. Like this comment, this song is pretty boring.

  11. Don’t tell me that was supposed to be a guitar solo… hmmmm…maybe they should be trio of bass, drums and vocals.

    or maybe just bass?

  12. Surprisingly a nice little ditty of a video, but raises the question of “What’s so wrong with shirts that Anthony Keidis will never wear one?”

  13. I’m liking the song a lot more than I did at first. It definitely took a few listens. But it really does have a pretty nice chorus, and it’s got a great classic Chili Peppers guitar solo in it. I’m definitely interested in seeing what the rest of the album is gonna shape up to be like. Hopefully some of Flea’s schooling shows, and maybe even a little influence from playing with Thom Yorke.

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