Last night while watching something on TV (Stewart or Colbert or Breaking Bad are my only options these days, so one of those) I heard a lady rhapsodizing about T-Mobile’s “best deal ever,” and then heard that sermon paired with an unreasonably catchy jingle that reminded me of the New Pornos’ “Moves.” Turns out it was the New Pornos’ “Moves.” We all need to put food on our families, you know, and commercials are one way songwriters do that these days. No problem. The last time this happened with this band it was “The Bleeding Heart Show” and the University Of Phoenix, which Carl Newman was compelled to defend by saying:

It’s a university, or a school, and it might be a crappy school, but it seems like letting a crappy school use your song is probably better than letting the best business use your song.

Who knows where T-Mobile stands on the spectrum of best and worst businesses, but while we’re quoting A.C.’s last stance, let’s also include this salient bit:

We’re just trying to get by in this world. When you play music for so long and don’t make any money, and people start offering you money for things that involve no effort on your part, you start going, ’I’ll do that.’”

They did that:

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  1. Dude, D Wade and Tmobile girl are definitely hooking up.

  2. Dude, you need to start watching Louie.

    • Oh man, I know. I watched most of the first season and am just looking for the right Sunday to marathon the new one. I’ve been keeping up with the big moments (i.e. that scene with Dane Cook, which is literally the biggest moment) via Videogum. I can’t wait.

      This isn’t currently playing, so you’ll have to DVD it or whatever, but Scott and I were out last night and praising the BBC show The Shadow Line to the heavens. Get into that, if you haven’t. It’s a British show reminiscent of The Wire, and will not disappoint you.

      • Man, really? I watched the first two or three episodes of The Shadow Line and I totally did not get the Wire feel…I think I just felt like even the first two or three episodes had more of an “over the top” feeling like most other cop dramas, but definitely not as badly. Is it one of those shows that gets increasingly better?

  3. Actually, they lent their song “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk” to Amazon for a Kindle commercial last year, too.

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