Soulja Boy, Andrew WK, Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim & Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K. are the latest triple-billing for Converse’s corporately underwritten original MP3 project “Three Artists, One Song.” (Previously: Julian Casablancas, Santigold, and Pharrell; later, Best Coast, Kid Cudi, and Rostam.) Matt produced. The project attempts to fuse these three artists styles, but succeeds in fusing together these three artists’ feet. (See: That photo.) Download at Converse.

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  1. Its sounds pretty cool, minus Soulja

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  2. I am too scared to listen to this. can someone tell me if its any good?

    • Jonathan, I am afraid to tell you this song is abysmal. Seriously. To Converse big wigs, the idea may have sounded super radical on paper, but honestly, the finished product is just embarrassing.

      Converse should have stopped this apparently inventive idea as soon as it started. The Julian Casablancas/Santogold/Pharrell track was a mess. Fusing genres didn’t work at all. Sure the riff was pretty hooky, but it was an ultimate mish mash.

      Best Coast/Kid Cudi/Rostam redeemed Converse’s credibility a little with the second track released last year. But honestly, this new one is just embarrassing. It is the most awkward, speedily stuck together song. Worst of all, all three musicians have blatantly done it for commercial/money purposes, too, rather than out of artistic intrigue.

      It sounds like something you hear kids singing at playtime, interspersed with tacky synths, cheap rap and …Andrew WK. Ahem. But that’s just my opinion of course.

  3. It’s not bad, it’s just…Why does Andrew W.K. only get like 15 seconds? He could have been the best part of this.

  4. Andrew W.K. and Matt and Kim are a perfect match because of the high energy personalities.
    But Soulja Boy? What the hell?

    In any case, nothing will ever top Julian/Pharrell/Santigold. I still hear that when I go to the club.

  5. i close my eyes and hear weird al singing the chorus

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  7. It was enjoyable… not too trascendental but its ok

  8. Can Converse get a do-over on this one?

    Step 1. Scrap Matt & Kim and Soulja Boy.
    Step 1a. Ask Matt & Kim to not sing ever again.
    Step 2. Get Andrew W.K. to write the song.
    Step 3. Get the Handsome Furs and Nick Diamonds to collaborate.
    Step 4. We all win.

    • Ha- oh, man. My comment got dominated. That hurts, folks. That hurts bad. Sorry, Matt & Kim, the people have spoken, so you are still allowed to sing. I will take my ears elsewhere.

  9. must…buy……shoes…

  10. Hm. Everyone seems to forget the Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner & Hot City collaboration, which was great.

    Pharrell, JC & Santogold was better than expected,
    Rostam, Kid Cudi & Best Coast sounded better on paper then it did as real music,
    Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City was a good song, but basically a Hot Chip song,
    But Soulja Boy, Matt & Kim, and Andrew WK just don’t fit.
    Even if you took out one of the artists, regardless of which you chose, it still wouldn’t work.

  11. Real bad. Real, real bad. They couldn’t even bother coming up with more lyrics than “I’m a goner?” It’s in almost every single line of the damned thing. Talk about overselling. Was sick of it before I got halfway through it.

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